Fashion Trends that Need to Make a Comeback

Fashion trends come and go and unless they get a huge following, any trend is bound to be pushed to the backburner sooner or later but if they’re lucky, they might get a comeback in the future. I know we all have our fair share of fashion trends we loved and have been waiting to make a comeback and, who knows, they just might. Meanwhile, just know that you’re not alone in hoping for a few trends to see the light of day again. Here’s our take on fashion trends that need to make a comeback.

  • Gloves – gloves need to make a serious comeback, especially this coming fall and winter. Adding gloves to your whole outfit just gives it so much class and sophistication. It’s not just for making your outfits look better, though. Gloves also help keep your hands warm when you’re out in the cold. Lace gloves are perfect for lady-like outfits while leather gloves are great for adding a nice edge to any look.

classy gloves outfit

leather gloves outfit retro gloves outfit winter gloves outfit

  • Hooded flannel shirts – they’re warm, they’re cozy, they’re comfy and they’re super easy to wear which is why we never understood why they went away. We seriously need new hooded flannel shirts this fall! It’s perfect for lazy days and for days when you just want to dress down and be comfy all day long without totally looking drab.

red plaid shirt hooded flannel shirt

  • Doc Martens boots – they made an appearance for last year but went away quickly after and we’re seriously missing them! If you ever need a final touch to your outfit that would give it that kickass look, Doc Marten boots are the way to go. And, with so many new colors and prints and patterns they have come up with lately, it would be a shame to pass up bringing this trend back.

black doc martens doc martens boots outfit doc martens and dress printed doc martens boots

  • Madonna’s rubber bracelet – those Loom Band bracelets are total eyesores! Yes, they’re colorful and creative but, come on, they have no place in a good outfit and you know it. It cheapens your look, it makes you look like you’re stuck in your childhood, it just… it’s not cute. Madonna’s all black rubber bracelets, though, is what we all could use. It’s simple yet it adds that cool edge to your look.

rubber bracelets with charmstreet style choker pink neon bracelets madonna rubber bracelets

  • Chokers – chunky necklaces, though cute and chic, are so mainstream and if you’re someone who likes pulling off unique looks, chokers are definitely for you. We just wish this trend would make a comeback soon. Chokers never fail to add that high fashion vibe to any look without making it look unrelatable. We’re counting on you to make this happen, Kylie Jenner!

kim kardashian 300809 red carpet tattoo choker accessory 90s choker necklace

  • Acid wash denim – with so many things happening for the humble ol’ denim jeans, deciding on what to buy or what to wear can be overwhelming. Denims now come in every color, print and pattern but you know what we really miss? Acid wash jeans. Those are just… so pretty. And they went well with just about any look, too!

acid wash cropped pants acid wash denim cut offs acid wash denim skirt kim kardashian 300809

  • Velour tracksuits – where did velour tracksuits go?  It seems like this trend went out the door as soon as the news of Juicy Couture shutting down came about. Velour tracksuits are the best and easiest lazy day outfit you can ever put together without even trying. Celebs, regular girls, fashion-obsessed teens, busy (hot) moms – everyone wore them, be it for quick errands or for a nice calorie-burning sesh at the gym.

brown tracksuit kim kardashian kendall tracksuit outfit nicole scherzinger tracksuit outfit red tracksuit paris hilton

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