Fashion Tips for a Small Bust

Style Cheat Sheet for a girls with a small bust  : Being small chested has its own perks when it comes to fashion but, as with most things, it has its disadvantages too. Some clothes won’t look as sexy or fab as they should when you don’t that big of a bust but some will drape on more beautifully on you with a small chest than it would if you had a bigger set. If you’re a small chested gal, know that you don’t always have to rely on undergarments to enhance the size of your bust just to make clothes look good. Here’s a little style cheat sheet for small chested girls.

  • OPT FOR HIGHER NECKLINES – deep, low plunging necklines may look sexy but when you have nothing to show, they don’t really do anything so if you have a small bust , try to opt for higher necklines instead. These kinds of necklines will draw attention towards your face and will also make your bust look fuller.

high neckline floral dress

high neckline turtleneck sweater high neckline white dress

  • BUT DON’T CROSS OUT V’s – while opting for higher necklines is ideal to make your bust look fuller, wearing something a little revealing can sometimes be sexy, too. A little V-neck top is a great way to add a subtle hint of sexy sophistication to your look and the great part about it is that you wouldn’t even have to worry about your girls escaping… you know.

v-neck chevron top vneck black top v-neck white shirt and leather pants

  • YES TO EMBELLISHMENTS AND DETAILS – a great thing about being  small-chested is that you get to wear embellishments and details on without having to worry that they might make your chest look bigger and disproportionate. Love that top with ruffled details right on the chest? Go ahead and wear it. If anything, it’ll only create the illusion of a bigger bust which, to small chested girls, is a plus.

embellished dress embellishment heavy top detail embellishments

  • GO WITH THE FLOW – having a small chest means having very little to work with to create a certain silhouette so try to avoid structured tops. These tend to flatten out your silhouette even more and emphasize your A size breast. Instead, opt for looser-fitting laidback pieces like a wrap dress as these are the ones that will flatter your overall figure more.

loose polka dot top loose non structured look loose laidback outfit

  • DO NOT TAKE PROPER FITTING UNDERGARMENTS FOR GRANTED – and just because you have a small bust doesn’t mean you should be settling for second best when it comes to undergarments. The right bra can make your clothes fit and look better and, if you like, make your bust look a little bigger.

flat chested embellished outfit flat chested girl outfit flat chested outfit

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