Fashion Staples to Own in Your 30s

A lot of girls hate turning a year older but I think that it’s one of life’s greatest blessings, being given another year to live stylishly. Some say that turning 30 is pretty difficult because you have to do an overhaul and change a lot of things, including your style and a lot of things in your closet and though there may be some truth to that, reviewing your fashion choices once you hit 30 isn’t actually that bad or that difficult at all. As long as you have the right pieces in your wardrobe, there’s really nothing to worry about. Here are some fashion staples to own in your 30s for a guaranteed chic look.

  • CLASSIC PUMPS – a pair of classic pumps will never go out of style and it is one of those few fashion pieces that you can comfortably and confidently wear no matter at what age. If you have some extra shoe money to splurge, I’d say splurge on a good pair made of genuine leather. Those will last really long if you take care of them properly.

classic black pumps

classic nude pumps

  • SUIT THAT FITS PERFECTLY – the key to power dressing and looking like you mean it is a suit that fits perfectly. A suit will give you that sharp, sleek look that you can wear to work or as an everyday street style look with a hint of that corporate vibe. You can also take apart the pieces and wear them separately to create outfits with a bit of tailored structure to them.

suit in black and pink suit outfit

  • AN INVESTMENT TIMEPIECE – a timeless watch is something that’s worth saving up for and worth splurging on. A good watch can take a plain and simple outfit a long way. It can instantly make an outfit look more expensive than it is. Avoid trends and go for a classic piece that you know you will be able to use and pair with your outfits forever.

timeless silver timepiece timeless timepiece in gold

  • HEIRLOOM JEWELRY – if passing down a piece of jewelry as an heirloom isn’t a thing in your family yet, why not start the tradition? Picking out a piece of jewelry to be passed down as an heirloom later on is so exciting! Make sure to make it count. Pick a timeless piece that the future generations will be thanking you for.

heirloom jewelry brooch heirloom jewelry ring

  • CLASSIC STRUCTURED BAG – a classic structured bag goes a long way. It could be a go-to piece or it could be your signature bag. Choose one that you know will last you a long white. When it comes to design, try to avoid anything that’s too trendy or too ‘in-the-moment’-ish and go for a simple and minimalistic design instead.

bag in red bag

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