Fashion Essentials for Cold-Weather Travel

Do you have a passion for traveling? Even if the cold seasons are here, you can still explore the world without worrying about your style – and your warmth. Here are some fashion essentials that can keep you modishly nippy in your travails – wherever they might be.


This is perhaps the most important item in your fashion arsenal. Pick a neutrally-shaded sweater for your excursion. This will help you mix and match your wardrobe for several looks – even with limited pieces.


Button-down Shirt

Keep your top half warm and trendy by bringing a button-down shirt. You can put this underneath your outerwear or over it – it doesn’t matter. Plus, it’s a great piece for ‘more formal’ occasions.

button down shirt


Keeping warm doesn’t have to be bulky, as long as you have got leggings in tow. You can wear them under your pants – or under your dress, if ever you feel girly.


Dark Wash Denims

Dark wash denims can transform any look, whatever the season might be. For best results, bring a ‘good’ one (not your distressed or ripped denims) so you can wear this from day to night.

dark wash jeans

Gabardine Pants

If you want a formal look without feeling too cold, then make sure to bring a pair of gabardine pants. After all, they are as stylish as they are insulating.

gabardine pants

Down Jacket

If you are expecting weather fluctuations to your destination, then include a down jacket in your travel gear. It might not be as stylish as you wish they would be, but with the right styling, you can pull it off!

down jacket

Wool Dress

A dress is an indispensable part of any wardrobe. So for your cold weather travel, don’t forget to bring a wool dress. Although it might not be as flirty as your summer dresses, a wool dress can make you look stunning – minus the frostbite.

wool dress


Your head needs protection as well, so make it a point to bring a beanie. Choose a neutrally-colored one so you can wear it well with your wardrobe, even if it comes in different shades and prints.



Keep your hands warm and stylish by toting a good pair of gloves. A black or brown leather glove is perfect, since it can keep your hands warm and wonderful-looking.



When it comes to cold-weather travel, you are best off with a chic pair of boots. Whether it’s flat or wedge, mid-ankle or above the knee, what’s important is it should be waterproof!


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