Fashion Colors that Look Beautiful in Brunettes

They say blondes have more fun, but brunettes can do so too! This is especially the case when it comes to fashion, as brunettes have darker locks that compliment most stunning hues. Make the most of your dark hair by primping yourself up in any of these brunette-friendly fashion shades:

Wonderful in White

Contrast is important when it comes to fashion. So if you are a brunette, be thankful! That’s because you can pull off white attire like a dream!

white dress and black boots

white top and coat

Charming in Cream

Another light color that looks stunning in brunettes is cream. This mild and endearing color works with dark-haired ladies. Again, this is made possible by the contrast of cream and brunette. Because of its balmy shade, cream outfits look good with virtually all colors.

all cream attire

cream sweater and bag

Lovely in Light Yellow

A light yellow outfit is something that only brunettes can pull off. This time, you have the style advantage, because light yellow clothing can make a blonde girl look like Goldilocks. The juxtaposition of your hair color and the light yellow shade makes for a perfect fashion match.

light yellow dress

light yellow shorts

Ravishing in Red

Most brunettes have underlying burgundy strands that stand out in the sunlight. Make the most out of this inconspicuous facet by dressing yourself in rich and romantic red. Best for gala gatherings, red can make you look super irresistible.

red fringe dress

red sweater and shoes

Beautiful in Navy Blue

Classic and traditional, navy blue is a hue that greatly complements brunettes. The rich color of dark hair fits navy blue garb like a fine, expensive glove. While this color is best for formal or night events, you can work this color in casual or summertime escapades as well.

navy blue dress

navy blue coat

Perfect in Hot Pink

Because of the dark brunette hair, these lucky ladies can easily get away with vibrant hues, such as hot pink. Feel like you won’t be able to pull this off? If you are brunette, you need not worry because you can do it without even trying.

hot pink skirt

hot pink sweater

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