Fall Essential: Stylish Brown Boots

Fall just may be one of my favorite seasons – purely because you can wear boots!
I have been looking for a pair of boots that are a lighter shade of brown, a camel color if you will.
I wasn’t willing to spend a fortune on them, so I stuck to looking around and had no luck.
I found a pair at Old Navy, but not only did they feel cheap and uncomfortable, they LOOKED cheap!
After purchasing my wedges on Just Fab, I decided to browse the site to see if I could find any boots that I liked. I’m not sure why, but the site allowed me to make another purchase of any pair of shoes for only $19.95. $20.00 for boots? I’ll take it!
While looking, I came across the Fabiolas. These caught my eye instantly, and I didn’t even hesitate to buy them.
1  Stylish Brown Boots
The Fabiolas are the camel color I had been searching for.
They look comfortable, they look expensive, and they feel amazing.
They have just enough detailing to be intriguing, but nothing overboard, which is what I found in a lot of boots I was looking at.
2  Stylish Brown Boots details
 I love the brass buckle detailing on the sides, and that there is a slight heel to them.
It makes the boots all the more attractive.
3  Stylish Brown Boots when wore
 The one downside that I can see steering people away from these boots is that they are not fitted.
I personally don’t mind it. I knew going into the purchase by the reviews on the site that they were looser around the calf.
A lot of us like our boots to fit snug with our skinny jeans, but sometimes it’s nice to have a more loose, laid back pair. I think that the boots are the perfect in between of loose and fitted.
Sometimes boots that are too loose can make your legs look strange and give a “frumpy” vibe to your look.
What do you think of the Just Fab ‘Fabiolas’?
Do you own any shoes from Just Fab? Which?

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