Face of Australia Mineral Lip Shines in Beach House & Fairy Floss Review and Swatches

Hello girls here is my Face of Australia Mineral Lip Shines in Beach House & Fairy Floss Review and Swatches!

Face of Australia has created the perfect go-between natural lip colour ~ not sticky or shiny like a lip gloss and not as heavy as a lipstick. Face of Australia Mineral Lip Shine combines natural mineral pigments and hydrating ingredients for lasting moisture and colour.


When I think about frosted lipstick, my mind immediately wanders to a land of poodle perms, acid wash jeans, and bright blue eyeshadow:



You know it.

And yes, Face of Australia Mineral Lip Shines ($12.95 AUD) in Beach House and Fairy Floss are frosted. Oh, they’re frosted. However, they’re not quite lipstick, and so avoid my complete condemnation. Although packaged like a lipstick, in a sleek silver tube, the Mineral Lip Shines are somewhere in between a traditional lipstick and a lip balm ~ sheer, lightweight and reasonably moisturising (and as a by-product of those qualities, they need re-applying often) while adding a hint of colour (AND FROSTINESS) to my lips.

Fairy Floss is a pale, milky bubblegum pink with silver frost, and Beach House is a warm beige nude with gold frost:



Top to bottom: Fairy Floss, Beach House

 Here are some arm swatches:



Both Mineral Lip Shines are quite pretty, and seem to be the darling of other Australian beauty bloggers. I don’t reach for them often, but that probably just indicates I have too many freaking lipsticks.

Note: This product was provided for consideration in accordance with the Disclosure Policy.

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