Eyeliner Tips and Tricks to Learn and Master

If you like putting on makeup, I’m pretty sure you have at least all the basics that you need for a full face starting from primer to foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick and, of course, an eye liner. Now, among all these basic makeup, I think one of the most challenging is the eye liner. I myself struggled with eye liner when I was just getting started with makeup and I was even using a pencil liner then. Whether you’re struggling with eye liner or you simply love using it, check out these eyeliner tips and tricks to learn and master.


  • Set pencil liner with eye shadow – pencil eyeliner isn’t exactly known for its staying power. It can smudge, budge, transfer to your lids and then be gone after a few minutes of sweating. To make pencil liner last longer, you can set it with an eye shadow of the same color. Just dab a little bit of shadow over on top of your liner and it will help keep your liner in place longer.

set pencil liner with eye shadow natural looking liner top and bottom liner


  • Use pencil liner as guide – if you don’t have a steady hand, using a liquid or gel liner isn’t something you can do easily. To make the process easier, though, what you can do is put tiny dots near your lash line using your pencil liner and then connect the dots using liquid or gel liner. The pencilled dots will act as your guide so you can get a decent, straight line.

dotted guide

exaggerated eyeliner look fierce cat eye cute eyeliner style


  • Choose a creamy liner as an eye shadow base – instead of splurging on primers, what you can do to make less pigmented shadows really pop is to get some creamy pencil liner all over your lid first and then out the shadow on. This cancels out your skin so your base is even and perfect. Use black eyeliner for dark shadows and white or nude liner for lighter eye shadow colors.

eyeliner shadow base dark lids makeup white liner shadow base


  • Get eyeliners in all colors – especially the creamy ones in retractable or pencil form. Eyeliners can double as eye shadow, too, so make sure you have more than just black or brown in your arsenal. Lighter colors like nude and white can be used to line the waterline to get a fresh look or to highlight under the brow bone for instant lift. Get yourself some glitter liner, too, as this is all you really need to do a day to night transformation.

purple bottom liner purple eye liner yellow eyeliner blue glitter liner


  • Eyeliner alternatives – if you ever wake up one day and discover that you’re all out of eyeliner, don’t panic. There are so many alternatives that you can use. You can dampen your liner brush with makeup mist and dip it into some eye shadow, you can get pigment off of a mascara brush, you can use your brow gel / powder — be creative and think out of the box. Using products in more ways than they are intended for can also save you some serious cash.


smudged liner as shadow simple eye liner look gorgeous eyeliner look gorgeous cat eye liner

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