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ES A109 Lashes from KKCenter HK Review

False eyelashes are becoming more popular day by day. It’s huge in Asia now. Some of us beauty geeks no longer wear them for special occasions, we somehow incorporated falsies into our everyday makeup routines. These falsies give an instant awesome glamorous look without much effort or going through surgery to make our eyes look wide and big! Yay!
I love the idea of the adhering lashes. I usually buy my false eyelashes at the Beauty Bar Makati, which cost me around PHP200+ per pair. It’s quite pricey I know. That’s why I was so happy and excited when I sawKKcenterhk online, selling affordable quality lashes. And, I’m so glad that I have joined their affiliate program 2 weeks ago!
1 ES A109 Lashes from KKCenter HK
About the Company:

KKCenter is situated in Hongkong, specializes in selling false eyelashes with endless brands and styles to choose from – they have a complete collection of whimsical, and classic strip lashes from classic flares to glitter encrusted with an excellent relation of price and quality. They also offer unique hair tools, makeup palettes, nail accessories and more.
2 KKCenter HK ES A109 Lashes
ES A109
Lots Of 10 Pairs (Black Color)
Black Luxuriant Natural Lashes
Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive
Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully
False Eyelash With Box Package
Box Size : 182mm X 90mm X 17mm
Suitable to anyone
3 KKCenter HK lashes
What I Love:

  • Inexpensive for the quality.
  • The false lashes are very Soft and Full.
  • It gives an illusion of having a pair of open and wide eyes with a feminine lift to the face.
  • The lash band itself is made of a string instead of plastic/nylon, which can be easily applied.
  • The center lashes are longer to naturally accentuate the eye shape.
  • It can be worn day or night because its lashes look very natural.
  • They blend nicely with the lashes while it gives length and subtle volume.
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • It is not made of plastic; it does not hurt the eyes.
  • No itching and tickling sensation.
  • They can be re-used, as they are such of good quality.
  • I received my parcel at my doorsteps, and the package was mentioned as a “gift”. Glad, I didn’t have to go to the postal office just to claim it.

What I don’t like:

  • You can only purchase online and the shipping time may take longer. I received the lashes after  5 working days, so approximately 1 week, which is not that bad since the company is based in HK.
  • The lashes came in a brown envelope that was closed through the use of a thin string, so I received my item with a slightly pressed box. However, the lashes are still intact and in good condition.

  • Do not tug the lashes; loosen the lashes’ string band gently with tweezers.
  • Try the lashes on your upper lash line to check if the length is okay. Trim if necessary ~to suit your eye size or preference.
  • Apply eyelash glue sparingly to the lash band, wait for a few seconds for the adhesive become tacky.
  • Apply mascara before wearing the eyelashes, if you want to re-use them.

4 KKCenter HK lashes when wore


I am impressed with the amazing quality of these inexpensive lashes!
Quality and designs are comparable with my Andrea and Ardell lashes without the hefty price tag! Shipping time doesn’t bother me for it is worth the wait!
I love how these lashes emphasize, conform to the shape and create an illusion for fluttering eyes.
But there are lots of choices when it comes to choose and buy the right false eyelashes online, and it can be an overwhelming job trying to find which one will suit you. So, KKCENTER is here to simplify the job for us, by providing some gallery photos/reviews from different bloggers and consumers on each product item to give other buyers an idea and see the actual look of the product.
Please feel free to browse their site here.
The website can give you some ideas and styles-really helpful for anyone new to false lashes.
5 when wore KKCenter HK lashes
excuse how hagard i look please..
good, i was able to get one decent shot before my baby made a scratch on my face =(( huhu