Eleonora Carisi: Eccentric Fashion Style

From the runways to the streets, fashion is embracing extreme expressions of personal style such as dynamic and eccentric looks, fun and quirky statement, and even the vibe of the modern metropolis-jungle in fashion. Fashion has always loved its eccentrics, and if you’re wondering how to channel your own eccentricity into your own style, keep on reading to scoop some inspirations.

From Turin, Italy, Eleonora Carisi is a fashion blogger known for her eccentric fashion style that has a knack for assembling quirky and eccentric ensembles. In her blog Jou Jou Villeroy, she shares her passion for fashion, photography, and lifestyle with her readers. Also, she also launched her own clothing line called ‘What’s Inside You’ that is characterized by comfortable and romantic clothes.

eccentric fur shoes and bag

eccentric shoes with cute outfit

The best way to shake things up is to begin small. “Eccentric” literally means unconventional and different from what accepted normal. You may start the eccentric style by incorporating eye-popping colors, outlandish prints, eccentric fabrics and such to add some fun twist to your look. You may start small by opting for eccentric accessories like hats, bags, shoes, and scarves to add some interest to your style. Eleonora opted for matching shoes and bag with quirky details and wore it with her colorful outfit. Also, a quirky pair of shoes with a casual outfit will add some eccentric touch to your overall style.

eccentric dress with metallic heels eccentric pink sweatereccentric skirt with gladiator sandals white lace dress

One of the simplest ways to nail the eccentric fashion is to opt for unconventional styles and cuts of clothing. Think of dresses spliced in an unusual design, a skirt with symmetrical holes, a sweater with tiers and unusual print, and a dress in a funky cut out pattern that can easily make a quirky statement as the style looks intentional and creative.

olive green leather dress pink leather coat

Make advantage of leather ensembles to nail your eccentric fashion style. You may opt for traditional leather or a patent one that has a glossy finish. Also colored leather is a great statement to your eccentric looks. Neutral colored leather in dresses and coats look tamed and edgy. But colored leather in shades of hot pink, cobalt blue, olive green, and even yellow screams quirky as these colors look unconventional especially in leather garments. Eleonora wore a hot pink leather coat with peach leather pants; and an olive green leather dress resulted in a quirky and eccentric looks.

eccentric animal print outfit eccentric blouse with cute bag eccentric dress with yellow bag eccentric pastel outfit eccentric skirt with fedora hat funky print skirt with black top

If you’re not a fan of leather and solid colors, then opt for eccentric prints. Though animal prints like leopard, snake and such is considered exotic but neutral, you may give some twist to the style by wearing head-to-toe animal print. Since you’re breaking an animal print fashion rules, you’re now entering the fashion world of eccentrics. Like Eleonora, you may look for colorful and funky prints on skirts, blouses, pants, and even dresses to nail the style. Make advantage of the brocade fabrics and graphic prints on garments as they are exceptionally scream eccentric.

brocade coat with blue dress duffel coat with eccentric shoes eccentric outfit snake print skirt

If you want to be eccentric in your street looks but only in a subtle way, then tastefully mix and match your ensembles in an eccentric but subtle way. For instance, Eleonora’s duffel coat and structured bag look great together, but a pair of quirky shoes made the difference. Snake prints in subtle accessories like shoes or bag may look fabulous, but in a larger print like a skirt, it looks eccentric and quirky. Though a brocade garment like coat is usually worn with neutral or muted ensembles to keep it tamed, Eleonora paired it with a bright colored dress to make it eccentric. Just do one thing differently at a time and it will individualize your style in a sea of modest street looks.

Indeed, clothes are meant to be different as it would be pretty boring if we all walked around in the same thing. Sometimes, being expressive in our style requires trying new and daring styles like Eleonora did. Remember, the most important thing is that you opt for a style that expresses who you are and not just what you see around you. Since society embraces a less-expected look, be more comfortable you’re your style against prescribed norms as long as it expresses your distinctive personality.





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