Effortless Style Tips for Spring 

Want to look as if you ‘woke up like this’ ala Beyonce?  Contrary to popular beliefs, looking effortless is not as effortless as everyone thinks. You have to devote some time (and heap loads of style flair) to get the ‘unforced look.’ Look as natural as Queen B with these ‘effortless’ style tips for spring.

Lace-up Top

The number one item you should note while parsing through these effortless style tips is the lace-up top. Wildly popular because of its boho chic elegance, it is a favorite amongst those who just attended the recently-concluded Coachella festival. With its stylishly sloppy vintage look, you can wear this top with the flared cropped pants (which I’m going to talk more about below.)

black lace-up top

white lace up top

Flared Cropped Pants

Flared pants are all the rage this spring. But if you are serious about following Queen B’s effortless style tips, then make sure to invest in a pair (or two) of flared cropped pants. These ‘not so long, not so short’ trousers truly transcend a laidback look. Because of its classic aura, you can virtually wear anything with these pants. Remember – looking effortless is all about being ‘put together’ without breaking a sweat.

black cropped pants cropped pants

Silk Scarf

Ever wonder how the late Princess Grace Kelly looks stunning even with her plain attire? The answer is her trademark silk scarf, of course. Emulate the Princess of Monaco by wearing a silk scarf with any of your spring attires. No matter how simple your outfit might be, following these effortless style tips will make you look as regal as the beloved fashion icon.

blue silk scarf printed silk scarf printed silk scarf.

Medium-Brim Hat

This list of effortless style tips is incomplete without the focal accessory that is the medium-brim hat. This piece can help you achieve an effortless style simply because you don’t have to worry about your locks whenever you are wearing this hat. You can go straight from bed to work with a medium-brim hat and fascinate people as if you woke up looking like that!

straw hat white medium-brim hat medium-brim hat

Mule Slides

Effortless style tips are all about looking chic while comfortable. With that being said, the best footwear to wear this spring is the mule slide. These simple yet flat shoes should be your go-to items whenever you want to look sleek and sophisticated. After all, it can make you look stunning without much ado. So whenever there’s a time that you are not in the mood for stilettos, go ahead and trade your pretty pumps for a pair of lovely mule slides.

emma watson mule slides printed mule slides black mule flats

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