Easy Cute Hairstyles for Summer

How to Style Hair Into Total Cuteness

Don’t you just want to have perfctly styled hair? Well, there’s the new kind of perfect and it’s only as remarkable as those looks you envy most. If you want to upgrade hair, try these easy cute hairstyles for a new look in Summer 2013.

1. Short haircuts are donned by those with the guts to have it. Of course you can’t do it by yourself. Find the best hair stylist you can afford and tell them what you want .  Warning! This might not be the right style for those who are bound to regret having long locks chopped off. Be specific. better yet, give them concrete examples on how you’d like your hair to turn out. You could be wanting Vicotria Beckham’s bob, or there’s this Jamie Lee Curtis style that leaves less hair but fierce fashion. Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus and other stars are sporting the look now.


cutehair22  cutehair28








2. Bangs are quite refreshing for a new look and it’s very posh too. Don’t experiment on yourself if you’re not gifted with the ability to style hair. Yet since banghs are back for 2013, you can easily match them with curls, short bob, mid-length locks, or long hair.





3. Curls seem to be everywhere and it’s not such a rare commodity with curling irons and curl experts all around. Curly locks brighten and prettify a girl’s face. Depending on the style, they can make you look younger or older just like bangs do. You can DIY as much as you want or go to a stylist for better effect. Color tend to make curls stay longer and you can keep hair from frizzing up by using hair musk or any other hair treatment recommended by a specialist.







4. Colored hair is so trendy especially in ombre, dip-dyed, and pastels. Women are going for ombre to have two shades on hair. Some like dip-dyed in pastels, and others have their hair dyed in a pastel hue all over. For ombre, you just have to lighten the ends of your hair. Pick the type of ombre you fancy most. Get the right hair dye. Put serum all over hair without touching the roots. Let it stay on for half an hour until you see your hair lightening up and only then can you apply what’s left of the serum to your roots. Last step is to dye the roots. Decide on how much of it you’d want to look dark and how much to lighten. Run your fingers through the rest of the strands to make sure it blends.

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