E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner Review

First in my E.l.f. box to review is the boring part; the Brush cleaner. I know that is just too boring for words because a lot of people (like myself) find that normal shampoos and hand soaps cleans a brush well enough… or so you think! Unless you use an anti bacterial cleanser there will be a lot of criminals left on those poor brushes that will do a lot of damage to your skin. Some normal shampoos also has the problem that in time they will dissolve the glue holding the brush hair to the handle. So what should you really do? E.l.f. suggests that you buy their brush shampoo and finishes it off with their anti bacterial spray (which is the one I got).

1 E.l.f. Brush cleaner

2 Brush cleaner E.l.f.

I started by placing a few brushes in pure E.l.f. brush cleaning liquid. It’s made up of water, alcohol and has a very soft scent of flowers – not in a cleaning solution kind of way, but in actual perfume kind of way. Lovely. As you can see, as soon as I placed the brushes in the liquid, makeup started coming off. I left it in there for a few minutes and then washed them with normal shampoo (I know; “GLUE!”). I finished with spritzing some more E.l.f. brush cleaner on them (as this is what the instructions say; “spray a few times on to the brush then wipe it on a clean cloth”).

3 after i wiped off

After this procedure I wiped them off – result; not a single makeup trace!
Normally when I wash with shampoo only it just won’t seem to get it all out but this happened to be a good combination – probably a better one with an actual brush shampoo.
This spray is not supposed to be cleaning brushes on it’s own. It is either a finish or something to bring with you out in the fields (or if you are going on a month long – no water, camping trip).
Oh and I suppose it’s better to use this than nothing to clean your brushes with (hello all 80% of you who aren’t cleaning your brushes on a weekly basis…). Ew, think of all the germs!


The cleaner comes in at £3.50 and I would recommend it (even though I can’t technically speak to the germs to ask if they’ve died or not).

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