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Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream Review

Sometimes when I am stressed at work I just need to treat myself a little. Since I might get some weird looks if I started to paint my nails however, I like reaching for lip balms and hand creams instead. And this particular hand cream is a really nice treat for you and your hands. Especially now that winter is rocking up in Australia I can see that this will be a life saver.



I am talking about the Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream. This is my very first purchase from (no affiliation) and my latest obsession. This cream contains 50ml and retails for around about AUD 35. I picked it up for AUD 21 delivered. 

I am a sucker for soft hands and I like delicate products. The Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream ticks both boxes. It’s a very smooth luxurious thick cream and smells divine – I would say a little bit of tea tree oil with lemon.  The packaging is very retro, being an aluminium tube which will remind you of your grandmother’s toothpaste from 30 years ago. 

Every single hand cream on this planet claims to be absorbed quickly and non-greasy/non-sticky. This one actually delivers on these promises. Hard to believe but true!