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Dove Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant review

Dove Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant  go fresh review :


Eeek!! Had I been using a normal deodorant I might just be breaking into a sweat right now at the thought of blogging about a personal hygiene topic, but seeing as I’m wearing Dove’s new Maximum Protection that won’t be a problem, phew!

Not to worry I won’t be getting too intimate on here, this is a beauty blog after all, but I just wanted to lightly address the problem that is sweat. Ok, perspiration then, sounds much nicer doesn’t it?

We all do it, it is a natural bodily function (!!) and one that at times can be quite a sensitive subject for some; while I’m no Sweaty Betty, I am human and therefore do perspire.Dove Maximum Protection  deodorant

Well, I did, until I purchased Dove’s new 48hr dream cream. Gentle but thoroughly effective, Maximum Protection has surpassed all of my expectations; the days of the dreaded damp patch are long gone, now that I’ve finally found a deodorant that actually does the job.

I honestly can not recommend this more. I love everything about it, the fresh scent, the non sticky formula that absorbs in an instant and of course the fact that it leaves my armpits completely dry.

Compared to other anti-perspirants this is pricey at £5.10 but in my mind completely worth it, I’d never go back to aerosol after using this and I guess if you could put a price on being sweat free and fresh all day then this most certainly would be it!

Has anyone else tried Dove Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant? Are you as impressed as I am?