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DMGM Blush In Bronze Pink Review

Hi, Check out my new DMGM Blush In Bronze Pink Review.

DMGM Blush In Bronze Pink Review

DMGM Blush In Bronze Pink

What it claims:

Luminous touch cheek blush. It gives extra smooth application and streak free results, softens the appearance of fine lines & minor skin blemishes..

DMGM Blush In Bronze Pink Skin

DMGM Blush In Bronze Pink Style

My opinion:

Its a shimmery peach blush i don’t know why they named it “bronze pink” . It has got a very good color pay off, it has got powdery kinda texture but its still quite easy to apply and it stays in place for a long time. I really like this blush BUT although i really really love the color its a very beautiful peach which suits my skintone very well, but its way too shimmery for my taste as you can see in the pic above! so i use this as an eyeshadow instead now because i don’t like too much shimmery blushes and trust me it looks sooooooooo pretty as an eyeshadow i will also do a makeup look using this very soon. If you want to buy it online you can find it here it retails for 13.35$

Overall: I really love this color but hate those tons of chunky shimmers in it but i will definitely recommend it to those people who like shimmery blushes you can find multiple uses for it, its a very beautiful color and a good quality blush…