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DIY- Wash Your Brushes Twice as Fast


A while ago, Sigma came out with this glove that makes washing your brushes easier. It has grooves on it, so that the textured bumps and ridges will help get product out of brushes easier. Sounds like a great concept– but there’s one problem: it’s a whopping 35 dollars! Luckily today we’ll show you how to make a dupe for under $10!

(or less if you have the materials). The product truly works so well at cleaning my brushes, and makes it so easy and quick. (plus I don’t have to even get my hands wet!) So lets get into the DIY.

DIY- Wash Your Brushes Twice as Fast2

You only need two materials for this DIY. A glue gun (like my pink one?) with a couple extra glue sticks (I used three) and a plastic clipboard. I got this one from Staples for under $3.

DIY- Wash Your Brushes Twice as Fast3

DIY- Wash Your Brushes Twice as Fast4

Now make glue dots in different patterns. I made small ones for the smaller brushes, and big dots for the face brushes. I also made squiggly lines in different thicknesses to help rinse them out. After trying it, I have to say that the most useful is the small dots, and it works well for both sized brushes. However, the bigger dots are great at rinsing out after. You can custom make the patterns for your needs. 

DIY- Wash Your Brushes Twice as Fast4

And there you have it! Mine is a bit messy, since I was low on glue, but it still works great! It stores easily (you can even hang it up on a cupboard door) and dries easily. We hope you all enjoyed this post! If you would like to see a demo on how we wash and dry our brushes, comment down below!
Sloane & Claire