20 Diy t-shirt art ideas

If you’re trying to find ways to update a tshirt , you could always try these Diy t shirt art ideas . With a little bit of simple crafting knowledge , you can actually take a plain old tshirt and create a brand new fashionable top . Take ideas from latest trends then simply see how you can adapt them to the plain and simple tee . Get crafty and take a look at these tips on how to update a tshirt .

DIY Feather Stamped Tee

feather stamp t shirt diy

feather stamp shirt diy

feather tee diy

DIY necklace scoop neck t-shirt

Cute t-shirt refashion


DIY Rubber Stamp Print T-shirt

diy t shirt stamping


DIY sharpie top design

diy sharpie top

diy sharpie top

DIY sharpie tie-dye t shirt

Abstract t shirt artsharpie tie dye t shirt

sharpie t shirt

DIY dip dye t shirt

diy dip dye t shirt

dip dye t shirt tutorial 

DIY Polka dot t shirt

With a plain white t-shirt, add black polka dots from fusiblefor this inspired name brand lookDIY polka dot t-shirtDiy crochet t shirt


 DIY tye die and stamped tee

dip dye t-shirt


Diy  necklace t shirtdiy necklace t shirt

diy necklace t shirt

Spray Bleached t shirt

diy bleached t shirt


Heart t shirt deign



 DIY Cat print t shirt

diy cat print crop top


 Bleached flowers – diy t shirt

Use your stamp pad and bleach to make flowers on an article of clothing

Bleach Stamp Pad DIY t shirtsource

DIY Arrow Tail Stamped Shirt


check for tutorial here

Diy watercolor  t shirt

Use sharpie and alcohol to make this design

diy watercolor t shirt


Watermark t-shirt

diy watermark tee


Bleached chevron t shirt design

bleached diy t shirt design


Abstract Bleached t shirt

T shirt design made with bleach mixed with tea tree oil .bleached t shirt


Now all you need to do is find an plain boring tee and get to crafting already.

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