Distressed Denim Styles for Every Kind of Look

Distressed denims are pretty popular right now and though it takes quite a few styling tricks to pull this piece off, the look you get when you do it right is really cool. Now, there are quite a few styles that can be done with distressed denims and each style will require your pants to be distressed at a certain ‘level’. A look that you can wear to work on dress down days, for example, will only allow you to go as far as having a generous slit on one knee and no further. Check out these distressed denim styles for every kind of look to have an idea.

  • ACID WASH – acid washed jeans are distressed in a way but they aren’t ripped or shredded so they still look pretty decent. This is the kind of distressed denim that you’ll want to wear when you’re looking for something that you can use for a minimalistic look with an edge or an office-appropriate piece with a hint of rebellion.

acid wash jeans acid wash acid washed jeans and top high waisted acid wash jeans

  • RIPPED KNEES – this one is a bit of a throwback from the 80s / 90s but today distressed denims with ripped knees look more updated with the sleeker cut, fit and silhouette. These kinds of distressed denims are great for rugged street style looks or with polished looks that you want to give a bit of that unrefined touch to.

frayed knees frayed knees jeans

  • EXPANDING HOLES – perfect for the first time distressed denim wearer, this kind of jeans come with little rips on random areas that expand into full on holes as the piece gets washed and worn over time. This is a great distressed denim style for any street style look.

expanding distressed holes expanding distressed hols on jeans expanding holes jeans expanding holes

  • SLASHED KNEES – don’t like the look of frayed patched on your jeans but still want to get that rough, rugged, cool and edgy vibe into your look? A pair of distressed denims with just slashed knees might just be what you’re looking for. The level of ‘distressed-ness’ of these kinds of jeans are very subtle so they’re great if you’re planning on wearing other pieces that are not so ‘posh and polished’.

ripped knees black jeans ripped knees jeans outfit ripped knees outfit ripped knees

  • ALL OUT EXPOSED – going all out and really rocking that distressed denim look, eh? Why not go full on and sport not just splits and shreds but holes and cut outs, too? This are a tad tricky to pull off without looking like a slob. To make sure your outfit ends up looking stylish and intentional, pay attention to the details and make up for the distressed denims with posh accessories.

full exposure super ripped jeans full exposure distressed jeans full exposure full exposure distressed denim

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