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Dior skin Nude Perfecting Hydrating concealer review

Dior skin Nude Perfecting Hydrating concealer review


One of my main concerns and the thing I worry about the most when applying make-up is covering my under eye circles.

Everything else is easily fixed or can be hidden but for some reason dark circles are hard to disguise.

Over the last few years I’ve tried and tested most of the products on the market that promise to diminish or at least mask them so I know my stuff when it comes to erasing eye fatigue.

Above is my current circle busting collection but this is my latest addition and one I absolutely LOVE.
Dior skin Nude Perfecting Hydrating concealer review1
I’m not sure how new this is to the DiorSkin Nude range but I’d never seen or heard about it before until BritishBeautyBlogger gave it her ‘ I wasn’t out late last night’ award just over a week ago.

Promising lightweight texture and good coverage with no creasing under the eyes I had to head straight to my nearest Dior counter the next day.

It was love at first swatch.

The texture of this concealer is amazing almost like a liquid come mousse which makes it a dream to blend and so light on the delicate under eye area.
Dior skin Nude Perfecting Hydrating concealer review2
Although the formula does look and feel light it covers just as well as any of the heavier concealers I’ve used but without the nasty cakiness that happens all too often.

Enriched with a high content of mineralized water the concealer simply melts into the skin and produces a gorgeous naturally flawless finish.

It awakens my eyes instantly and the skin is left looking radiant not dull and tired.
Dior skin Nude Perfecting Hydrating concealer review3
I have never tried a concealer like this, it is unique for a product that offers such great coverage to look so natural and flawless on the skin.

I purchased the shade Beige (002) which looks a little too dark for my skintone but as the formula is so light it is not noticeable and easily blended.

I’m not really a Dior girl but this is the best concealer by far I’ve tried in a long time and has made me want to try the matching Nude foundation. If it’s anything like the concealer I can imagine it being amazing.