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Dior 002 Amber Diamond Highlighter Review

Bonjour! here is my Dior 002 Amber Diamond Highlighter Review!

Used with or without foundation, Dior’s oil–free Poudre shimmer all over face powder is designed to blend beautifully with the skin’s natural tone for an even and smooth finish. It’s been specially formulated with mica micro–particles to reflect the light and leave the skin looking extraordinarily radiant. Add a bit of sparkle to your make–up regime and dazzle all day long. (Taken from Selfridges website)



I first heard about this product from Pixie2woo aka Tanya Burr as she often talks highly about this highlighter. This always looks beautiful on Tanya’s skin whenever she wears in in her videos it so I had to get this for myself too as I am a sucker for highlighters and anything that will make me look more radiant. 

The packaging is very sturdy which is great for carrying it around in your makeup bag as there is no need to fear that your precious powder is going to smash when being bashed about, not that you shouldn’t handle this carefully unlike me, as when I first held it I dropped it almost instantly. My heart almost jumped out of my chest and I rushed to check if the powder was still in tact and luckily it was. So there you go folks a little durability test on my part for you all!
Apart from that, the packaging also looks very sophisticated and classy with the standard Dior shiny navy blue packaging and the ‘Dior’ logo embossed in silver on the top. You also get a lovely velvet pouch to keep the compact in to protect it, which excited me at first but like all of my other compacts that come with a velvet pouch, the novelty soon wore off and I don’t tend to use them anymore.

2-Dior-002-Amber-Diamond-Highlighter-in-small-pouch 3-Amber-Diamond-Highlighter-Dior 4-Amber-Diamond-Highlighter-by-c.dior_



(With Flash)
Amber Diamond contains 5 strips of warm frosty shades ranging from Ivory, champagne to more tan, bronze and a peachy gold shade. All of these colours look beautiful swirled together to create a warm subtle glow. These shades are extremely wearable and it will flatter all skin tones. This is a powder highlighter, but it doesn’t look at all powdery on the skin as it is finely milled and blends beautifully because of the creamy buttery texture. This creates a subtle sheen where ever it is placed on the skin and creates a beautiful glow when the light reflects off it. I will sometimes use this all over my face as this powder is frosty, but when applied to the skin it just gives a pretty glow all over with nothing to overpowering. Whether It be daytime or night, this product is pretty versatile as it wont leave you looking like a disco ball! You could even try wearing these shades as eye shadows and I am yet to try this out.
(Colours swirled together)
(Individually swatched)
This product does not come cheap at £32.00 but you do get what you pay for which is an excellent quality product that feels and looks luxurious unlike some cheaper highlighters that have a powdery consistency with chunky glitter particles.
This product is available from most department stores such as Boots, Selfridges and Debenhams etc…
I brought mine from Escentual online for £30.65 thats £1.35 in your pocket!
Have you tried this highlighter? I would love more highlighter recommendations as they are fast becoming my favourite beauty product!