Danielle Bernstein: Overalls for Summer

What do you wear on those lazy summer days that beg for comfort and style? Whether you’re flaunting a distressed skinny or a pair of your favorite shorts, you may want to consider wearing “overalls” that are perfect alternative for your off-duty style. Overalls ‑ casual, comfortable, and cool ‑ are more than worthy of your summer wardrobe. This summer, be inspired by Danielle Bernstein, a street style setter on wearing overalls.

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Danielle Bernstein is best known for her edgy, easy-going and comfortable street style. Her fashion-forward blog, We Wore What, offers a daily dose of street style inspiration on urban with a mix of vintage and contemporary fashion. In addition to being a style blogger, Danielle is a freelance stylist, student, and writer.

Danielle described her personal style as a perfect blend of vintage and new. She even referred to overalls as her second skin as she is always obsessing on them. “Comfort is key. That’s why I love things like overalls and oversized cashmere sweaters,” Bernstein said. Danielle is more of a casual, suave, preppy, and trendy type of girl who loves denim, sneakers, and tee. And it’s really amazing how she adds a twist on her iconic looks – with overalls.

chekered overall danielle bernstein animal print overall danielle bernstein short vintage overall danielle bernstein

Overalls are just so wearable in the summer and are an easy way to stay cool while being comfortable and looking stylish. Nowadays there are so many overalls from light material overalls to denim overalls, in different textures, patterns and styles that you can dress up or keep casual.

flats black top overall danielle bernstein vintage shoes overall danielle bernstein pumps overall half buttoned danielle bernstein

Denim itself is a timeless trend. Denim overall is durable, requires minimal effort and remains to be comfortable throughout the day. Designers add buttons, modify the colors, styles and find ways to transform the look. You can find them in dark washes, lighter washes, and a lot more styles.

croptop overall danielle bernstein half button overall danielle bernstein white short overall danielle bernstein

If you want to show some skin and beat the heat, go for a cropped overall and pair it with all things comfortable. Layer the neckline with a crop top, halter, or an off the shoulder version. Unbutton a single side of the bib, or both. For an off-duty look, a T-shirt and slip-on sneakers or ballet flats are perfect options, whether you’re a night out with friends or on the weekends running errands.

They have a lot of alternatives for layering, as they can look just as great with a long sleeve underneath matched with a pair of ankle boots, as it does with a plain tank top and strappy sandals. Wearing a flattering tank top underneath on a hot summer is very simple with overalls. Keep it urban and chic. This works with both black or blue overalls.

pumps white overall danielle bernstein white sweater short overall


Overalls can have a professional look to them as well. If you’re a more city girl, smarten up with a coat or blazer. Pairing them with some black heels makes them a great foundation for something chic. Just wear some accessories and a cute bag and you’re ready to go. Try on white ones and finish the look by adding classic black pointed-toe pumps.

pumps denim overall danielle bernstein short overall danielle bernstein

And you don’t have to have an athletic body type to work overalls. The key is all about putting your outfit together the right way. Accessories also look great with denim, making your attire stylish and fashion-forward to the summer. Try wearing several bracelets or braided charms along with statement rings and bold earrings. They also look chic with feminine items like animal prints, sunglasses, an oversized bag, and a straw hat. Speaking of shoes, then you can choose pretty much of everything such as platforms, stilettos, lace-ups, gladiator sandals, sneakers, flats, or strappy sandals.

Of course, staying and looking cool once the summer settles in can be a challenge. Thinking over the most stylish and fresh ways of wearing overalls, you may also come to the idea of making experiments and modification to suit your personal style. The next time you’re faced with ‘overall’ dilemma, take your cues from Danielle’s style. Be now prepared to rock your summer with overalls.


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