Dandelion, ginger and honey tea

I was at a course recently and the lecturer remarked that “we only have to look to nature to find what our bodies need to heal us.” And on a walk in the woods, you couldn’t help but notice the vibrant yellow dandelion flowers in the grass.

So I started looking up the health properties of Dandelion and it supposedly boasts great benefits like reducing bloating and inflammation and promotes detoxification and good digestion.

It’s taken to aid the liver and, Springtime is linked to the liver in Asian medicine, so why not make use of this lowly plant that’s so abundant across the countryside!

Just make sure to pick the small tender leaves and wash them well.Dandelion-ginger-and-honey-tea



1 litre water
½ cup ginger, grated
½ cup active honey
½ cup of lemon juice (if the lemon rind is unwaxed, throw it into the pot too)

8 small tender dandelion leaves bashed a bit to release the juice


Pour the water into a large pot and squeeze the juice of the grated ginger into it.  (You can freeze the leftover pulp to use again for curries or stock.) Add the rest of the ingredients and heat gently until honey is dissolved. Allow the leaves to infuse before straining to drink hot or cold.

Serves about 4Dandelion-ginger-and-honey-tea-honey




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