Cute Shoes to Wear with a Sundress

Because of the summer heat, I’m pretty sure your wardrobe for the season is loaded with light and easy pieces that are going to keep you cool while you’re out and about. If you’re a girly girl and you like wearing feminine clothes, I bet you have a few couple of sundresses in there that are waiting to be worn. Sundresses are perfect for summer because they’re light and breezy. They won’t make you sweat under the summer sun and they’re sure to keep you stylish all summer long. Most sundresses are quite short and fall on or above the knee though there are also maxi sundresses that are great if you want something a little bit more dramatic and something that offers a bit more coverage. No matter how cute your sundress is, though, you should always make sure that you wear it with equally cute and gorgeous footwear to achieve a look that’s overall chic. Check out these cute shoes to wear with a sundress.

  • Pumps – pumps are one of the most popular choices when it comes to shoes that women like to wear with their sundresses. The combination of a cute sundress and a gorgeous pair of pumps makes a cute and sassy outfit. It’s an ideal outfit combo if you’re looking for something that’s both sweet and sexy at the same time. To get an even more feminine look, opt to wear your pumps with flared sundresses.

grid sundress and pumps

coral dress and peep toe pumps

  • Wedges – don’t you just love how you can enjoy the whole day under the sun during summer time? If you love being outdoors in summer, I’m pretty sure you know how much of a pain walking around in heels all day can be. Give your feet a break this summer and go for a cute pair of wedges instead. They’re great with sundresses and they give your look an extra summery vibe too. There are so many styles of wedges that you can get your hands on out there from plain ones to printed wedges and those that have a unique form / structure.

sundress and nude wedge black and white outfit with wedge

  • Sneakers – if you’re not exactly a girly girl or you simply don’t want to sport a look that’s too sweet but still want to wear a sundress, go ahead and pick the simples sundress you have in your closet and wear it with your favorite pair of sneakers. This look is super easy to pull off, it’s casual, laid back and relaxed and is perfect for a lazy summer day out with your friends or family.

cool summer outfit dark and light

  • Ballerina flats – love to wear sundresses because they make you look and feel girly but don’t like the feeling of walking around in heels? A great way to keep the femininity of an outfit that features a sundress without wearing heels if to wear ballerina flats instead. They’re just as girly but much more comfortable.

cute dress ballerina flats ballerina flats and red sundress

  • Flat sandals or flip flops – for a full-on summer look, wear your sundress with flat sandals or with flip flops. You can wear this outfit combo for hours on end without feeling as much pain and strain on your feet. This outfit idea is perfect if you want something really easy and laid back as your casual look.

flip flops and sundress

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