Cute Manicures That Show Off Your Engagement Ring

Getting engaged to the love of your life is beyond bliss and having an engagement ring to top off the whole event is even better! A lot of women take their engagement rings (and showing it off) very seriously. Once they have that rock on their finger there’s no taking it off, just parading it in front of family, friends, workmates and sometimes even strangers and to be honest, as long as you’re not shoving your ring down people’s throats, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just one way to let your happiness radiate, I think. If you’re not the showy kind, though, you can still make your engagement ring shine and what better way to do that than to have an accent nail done in your manicure, right? Here are some ideas for manicures that show off your engagement ring and all its gorgeousness.

  • Two-tone manicures ( Accent Nail Manicure )
     – if you want something simple and easy but also something that would really draw attention to the rock on your finger, you can try doing two-tone manicures. Choose two colors, one to paint your accent nail and the other to paint the rest of your nails with and start coloring ‘em nails. You don’t have to do anything fancy or add anything bold. The simplicity of this manicure with an equally simple accent nail is sure to make your engagement ring shine.ring and nails

black and gold two tone red and black

  • Caviar manicure – caviar manicure emerged a few years back but they’re still super hot today. If you think wearing those caviar beads on all of your nails is too overwhelming, do it on an accent nail instead. It will surely bring attention to your engagement ring and make it shine.

rainbow caviar accent nail

  • Solids and shimmers – now, if you want something even more attention-grabbing than just plain color on your accent nail, you can do a solid and shimmery manicure combo instead. For this, you’ll need one plain and solid color (glossy or matte) and one glittery nail polish. Paint all of your nails in the plain base color you chose and then once it’s dry, top off your accent nail with the glittery polish before sealing with your final / top coat. I think chunky glitters work best for this manicure style because they really make your engagement ring look even more sparkly.

glitter and polka dots

matte nails glitter accentengagement  ring nails

  • 3D manicure – 3D nails are super popular in Asia, especially in Japan and while it’s now definitely becoming popular in other parts of the world as well, not everyone wants to adorn each and every nail with rhinestones, studs, spikes and whatnot. 3D manicure, though, is great for catching the eye and getting attention on your ring so they’re perfect if you want to (subtly) show off your gorgeous engagement ring.

purple nails and rhinestones

3d accent nail

  • Plains and prints – for all the other girls out there who are not fans of too much glitter, here’s a manicure idea for you that’ll make your engagement ring shine just as beautifully. Mix plain solid colors with print / pattern nail art to create a cute combo that’s easy and super chic. If you want more design and detail on your nails, do the print / patter on the rest of your nails and keep the accent nail bare. If you’d rather take the minimalistic route, do the opposite and paint the rest of your nails a plain solid color and do a nice print / pattern nail art design on your accent nail.

white and zebrapink pastel floral


  • Engagement date art – girls always tend to be the ones who cherish things and events the most and if you’re like that, a really cute and romantic way to commemorate your engagement date is to write it on your nails. You can do this on your accent nail along with a classy French tip for a cute and simple manicure design.

engagament date inscription

Simple accent nail

accent nail manicure

White stiletto nails

white stiletto nails

Pink and silver nails

nails and ring


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