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Cute Hairstyles that Will Look Good Under a Hat

Now that the air is getting colder, hats and beanies are more of an essential rather than just an accessory. If you’re worried about your hair looking goofy under a hat, you can stop thinking about that right now because we have made a list of cute hairstyles that will look good under a hat. These hairstyles work with freshly washed hair as well as with second to third day hair. Some of these hairstyles will also help you combat that static-y hair you get after taking off your hat. Check them out below.

  • BRAIDED PIGTAILS – get that youthful look going by sporting braided pigtails under your hat. You can make your braids as tight or as loose as you would like. If you’re more into the Boho look, go for looser braids and tug them out for a chic messy look. Braided pigtails look beautiful under any kind of hat, from floppy ones to plain and simple beanies.

lauren conrad braided pigtails

red hair braided pigtails braided pigtails

  • FAUX BOB – wearing a hat over your faux bob is the perfect excuse for having wonky and disheveled looking hair. If you plan on doing a faux bob with your hair, make sure to choose a hat that fits perfectly. Wear one too tight and it’ll mess up your ‘do. Wear one too loose and it’ll give away the fakeness of your bob. Choose a hat that fits just enough so it’s snug and it keeps your faux bob in place.

faux bob and hat fedora and faux bob t swift faux bb

  • FULL CROWN BRAID – want your hair out of the way when you’re wearing your hat? A bun may be one of the easiest hairstyles you could think of right now and if you’re in a hurry, that’s fine but if you want something more fancy and ornate, something that would look good even after you take your hat off, try going for a full crown braid. This is the perfect hairstyle for keeping all of your hair up without adding bulk to it so a hat could still fit on top of it.

messy crown braid full crown braid updo jlaw crown braid messy

  • KNOTTED SIDE PONYTAIL – want to dress up your look but don’t want to do a really complex hairstyle? A nicely dressed up ponytail may just do the trick for you. Bring your ponytail to the side and, if it’s long enough, go ahead and do a cute little knot before you secure it with an elastic. This will give your look a more feminine twist.

knotted ponytail on the sideside ponytail variation knotted side ponytail dressy