Cute Bikinis to Show Off Your Beach Bod In

Spring break may be over but that’s not stopping anyone from hitting the beach. Summer is almost on full blast and what better way to cool down that to have a dip in the cool waters of the beach, right? Well, for a lot of fashionistas, going to the beach isn’t just about cooling off but it’s also about looking fab and strutting your bikini bod in the cutest swimsuit to be the hottest girl at the beach. If you’re planning on going to the beach soon, check out these cute bikinis to show off your beach bod in.

  • NEON – neon colors always stand out, wherever you are and however you wear them. What’s even better about neon colors is that they just scream summer so they’re perfect for adding that fresh, summery vibe to any look. If you’re looking for bikinis that will make a statement on the beach, neon colored ones are definitely the way to go.

neon two piece bikini

neon summer bikini neon accent bikini

  • VINTAGE – real vintage swimsuits may not hold up to the sun, sand and sea anymore but thankfully, you can brand new ones that look just like them. Vintage swimsuits are rather mod but they have that nice, chic feel to them. If you’re looking for swimsuits that don’t show too much skin, you should totally try going vintage.

vintage retro pin up vintage geometric pattern swimsuit vintage black and white swimsuit

  • CAGE – on the other hand, if you’re looking for sexier ways to show some more skin, a cage style bikini might just be what you need. A word of caution, though: you may get funky looking tan lines when wearing cage style bikinis so cover up if you don’t want them to avoid them.

caged bikini cage style black bikini

  • LUXE – let’s face it, not everybody goes to the beach to swim. Many do because they just want to chill and hang out with their friends and catch some sun. If you’re hitting the beach but aren’t really going swimming, why not go for a luxe swimsuit? It’s a great way to make a statement at the beach and it’s the perfect dressy alternative to a cover up. Look for pieces with fancy details like rhinestones and gold and the like to go super glam.

luxe embellished swimsuit luxe swimsuit chain detailed bandeau luxe swimsuit

  • WHIMSY PRINTS – lastly, for a fun look you can sport on a fun day, why not go for a swimsuit with cute and whimsy prints on it? Unique prints make perfect ice breakers so choose something that will really catch the eye.

printed bikini tropical design printed colorful aztec printed white and blue bikini

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