Crisp White Wardrobe Must Haves for Summer

White is ultimate summer color. It’s the official unofficial color for Memorial Day outfits which marks the start of summer. Aside from being such a light and easy color, I think what makes white the best color to wear for summer is that it reflects heat so you don’t get sweaty at the end of a hot summer day. Another really great thing about white is that it looks good on any skin tone so anyone, literally, can pull it off. With white, you can create outfits that are really refreshing and easy on the eyes. If you’re looking for white pieces to add to your wardrobe this season, check out these crisp white wardrobe must haves for summer.

  • Shirt dress – the lazy girl in you will thank you for getting yourself a crisp white shirt dress because it’s such an easy piece to wear. Wear it on its own or with jeans or leggings, with other bright colors or just with other white pieces as well.

simple white shirt dress

white shirt dress and brown accents

  • Shirt – another piece in your wardrobe that you should have in white this summer is the simple and humble shirt. Wear it with jeans or denim shorts to recreate the timeless classic summer look which is a white shirt and denim / jeans. Not sure how to wear tricky bottoms? Pair them with a white shirt and you’re done. This look is perfect for casual looks and street style outfits as well.

white tshirt red heels

  • Dressy top – for fancier events, a dressy top will surely come in handy. This summer, make sure your wardrobe has at least one or two white dressy tops that you can wear on days when you don’t have much time to plan out a complex outfit. Simply wear your dressy white top with black bottoms and you have yourself a chic and sophisticated outfit. You can also wear it with printed or bright bottoms for a more fun look.

white eyelet top

  • Dress – forget about the LBD. This summer, it’s all about wearing the ever ethereal color that is white. Instead of going for your trusty ol’ LBD, go for a Little White Dress instead. It’s just as elegant but more summer-appropriate.

white summer lace dress stylish white dress

  • Jeans – jeans don’t only come in limited traditional washes / colors anymore. Today, you can get jeans in just about any color you want and that includes white. White jeans are great for anchoring bright tops and accessories. You can also wear it to balance out a bold statement top.

cropped white jeans

  • Shorts – shorts are a summer staple and there’s really no such thing as having too many pairs of shorts, especially for summer, so why not get a pair of two of white shorts as well? They’re perfect for creating chic summer looks and they’re easy to pair up with anything and everything you have in your closet as well.

distressed white shorts

  • Shoes – white shoes used to be a no-no but they’ve been one of the hottest trends lately and having a pair or two that you can wear with your fab summer looks wouldn’t hurt. Choose simple white shoes without too much embellishments or details so you can wear them to tone down a bold and fierce look. If you want them to be the statement maker, on the other hand, go ahead and go all out on picking the loudest, most elaborate pair that you can wear to spruce up plain and simple looks.

neon dress white shoes floral dress white shoes

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