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Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Everlasting Swatches & Review

I posted at the beginning of this month a review of Covergirl’s Lip Perfection in “Heavenly”, and now we’re moving onto the other little lipstick that snuck into my shopping cart that day as well: Covergirl’s Lip Perfection in “Everlasting”.
For about $5-6 USD depending on what retailer you purchase it at (Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc…) this is an affordable and easy-to-find lipstick. “Everlasting” happens to be part of the Lip Perfection line, which Covergirl boasts upon by saying it can transform your lips in just 7 days thanks to the lipstick’s formula being enriched with a “silk moisturizing complex.



“Everlasting” is a pretty medium-deep burgundy shade (almost like a bright merlot wine) that has pink glitter within it. Thanks to the glitter and the lipstick’s sheen, it can almost look metallic when worn on the lips.



There is a bit of a downside to having the pretty pink glitter: it’s not as smooth as the other Lip Perfection lipsticks I own. I noticed when applying it that I could feel the glitter in it. Another observation about this one’s formula is that instead of gliding on very smoothly, it would apply a bit patchy. It’s a beautiful color, but not one that you only need one swipe to be good to go. You may need two, or three.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that it has that Playdough-esque smell like all the other Lip Perfection lipsticks. The one saving grace about that factor is the smell fades away fairly quick (thankfully).

covergirls-lip-perfection-in-everlasting-lipstick-swatches-Copy covergirls-lip-perfection-in-everlasting-lipstick-swatches



The wear time on this particular shade is actually quite short. I put it on before running errands and ended up eating an impromptu quick lunch at Gateway Market. Even after using a straw and carefully cutting up my food, I found that eating and drinking had left me needing to re-apply afterward, even though I had only been wearing the lipstick for roughly one hour.

After my first re-application of the day, I decided (another impromptu decision, actually) to take a two-mile walk around the lake since I was actually wearing my Asics and some workout gear. After an hour of enjoying my walk, I was then on my way to get some groceries. While driving I noticed the lipstick had already begun to wear away again, so before I went in to the store I did my second re-application. I arrived back home another hour later, had a snack, and yes–you guessed it!–I was in need of another re-application.

When I “test run” lipsticks, I use nothing to help them: no lip primer, no lip liner, nothing. What you see in the swatch is just the lipstick, and during my test run all I wore was the lipstick. I did nothing different for the application of this lipstick, and for some reason this one just wore away quicker than any of my other Lip Perfection lipsticks…. as well as it wore away quicker than Revlon’s Really Red, and wore away quicker than MAC’s “MAC Red” lipstick.

I love the color, as I really like deeper and more interesting shades (this one has pink glitter, which adds interest!) but I didn’t like the kind-of gritty feeling it had, nor did I enjoy the lackluster staying power. I’m sure that with the help of a lip primer and a lip liner, it would last longer, but that doesn’t say much for the lipstick’s actual formula. It’s a funny irony that a lipstick with the name “Everlasting” just doesn’t seem to last at all.

Have you had a different experience with this lipstick? Or do you own any lipsticks that are incredible colors, but don’t last at all?