Cosmetic Products I am Dying to Try for Winter

Products I am Dying to Try for Winter!

Its almost time for the winter and there are a few products I’ve heard people rave about or products I have found that I am interested in purchasing within the next few months to prepare for the winter. Here are a few products I am dying to try. I included the links so you can check them out yourself!Soap & Glory Scrub 'Em & Leave 'Em Body Buff

Soap & Glory Scrub ‘Em & Leave ‘Em Body Buff
Lots of people have been raving about the body scrub for a while now. I went to check it out atTarget and they only had one in which was open and the products was all over the outside of the container. Total bummer. It smells good though! Hopefully the next time I take a trip to target I will find an unopen one to buy.

Pangea Organics Italian Red mandarin with Rose Lipcare

Pangea Organics Italian Red mandarin with Rose Lipcare
The winter is just around the corner and I am looking for a good lip balm and exfoliant. After doing some research I have found this product inSephora that I am dying to try! Its organic and it states it helps nourish, restore and protect the lips. Just what I am looking for!
Philosophy Hope in a Jar

Philosophy Hope in a Jar
Winter equals dry skin which makes me really sad. I have tried the simple moisturizers from Neutrogena and Clean & Clear and though they were okay, I am in search for a GREAT moisturizer. And hope in a jar just might be the hope I need for this winter. Another product fromSephora and so far from the reviews, this moisturizer just might be the one for this winter.Brazilian Tech Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Brazilian Tech Keratin Smoothing Treatment
I have naturally curly hair. During the winter I often like to straighten my hair. All that heat and treatments I did in the past when I was younger had caused some damage to my hair. It has gotten better once I stopped using the chemicals but I think it can use more help. A few of my family members had suggested the Keratin treatment which usually runs $100 and up. I can’t afford that right now so I found this product I am willing to try at Sally’s Beauty that is much more afforable.

What products are YOU dying to try?