Concert-Going: What To Wear To Concerts

Growing up we all have that proverbial checklist of firsts. First kiss, first date…and first concert that you will attend. And with that, we all have that one or two musicians whose concerts we want to go to at least once in our lives—die-hard fans want more than once, of course.

But whether you blast Blake Shelton’s music in your car or dance to Rihanna’s pop songs, we’ve got the outfit for you. Besides, whatever the concert you will be going to, a look apropos to the genre is nearly as significant as the music—well, in our case, that is.

And it’s not just looking fashionably correct. There are practical reasons, too. The setting of the concert, whether it’ll be held indoor or outdoor, in which case you have to brave the elements, has to be considered. A room to dance in and an outfit that will go the (long, walking) distance should also be factored in. Ergo, here are 10 concert-ready outfits at your disposal!


For concerts of the Top-40 folks, get playful and flirty while still keeping the sophistication ever present. A flirty dress layered under a sleek or edgy outerwear—think moto jackets or chic trenches. Remember to go for something comfy and doesn’t need constant adjusting.pop concert outfit

pop concert outfit 2


Whether you plan on moshing in the pit or not, there will be people in that concert who will. So it’s better to keep your feet protected from mud and other people’s stomping feet. Going edgy and punk is ideal but you don’t want to look too overwhelming in too much leather. Something feminine like lace or a cute purse could counter with the raggedness of leather.rock concert outfit 2 rock concert outfit


While picking something appropriate to the genre is great, you want to avoid looking costume-y in a tucked-in plaid shirt and cowboy hat. A subtle nod to country music with an outfit mix of ragged casual and boho can be done. It’s best to wear denim in the most polished way you concert outfit country concert outfit 2

Music Festival

Music festivals will always have a different vibe than any other music event. Perhaps it’s the wide open spaces, but there is sartorial freedom in music festivals that you can’t find in other concerts. That’s why a sub-style was created. Bust out in some hippie-chic or boho looks that are apparent in Coachella but don’t go overboard—extremely decorative headdresses and barely-there pieces hardly create a good look.festival concert outfit 2 festival concert outfit


Bringing up a sartorial throwback to the nineties and eighties is popular in the alternative music scene these days. But, as an alternative music lover myself, I think the point with the alternative genre comes with going for the different or even better, a style of your own.alternative concert outfit alternative concert outfit 2

That said, we all have our own personal tastes, whether in music or fashion or other things. And navigating the fine line between your own style and the appropriate attire will help you immensely—and not just on picking an outfit for concert-going.

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