Colour B4 and Nice n’ Easy Hair Dye Review

I really want to change my hair colour as i have had it black for over four years now and im definatley due a change!! I want to go a lighter brown or maybes a reddy brown colour for the summer just so its a bit warmer on my skin tone. I didnt really want to go to the hairdresser’s and spend a fortune so a girl at work told me about a hair stripper you can buy that will strip it to its natural colour and then you dye it with the colour you want and it will make your hair take it alot easier. Its called Color B4 and it contains no amonia or bleach so its not too harsh on your hair.

Colour B4

The colour B4 is £10.99 and you can buy one for dark tones and one for lighter hair. I bought the dark one with my hair being black and a nice and easy dye 130 as this was the colour i wanted. I followed the instructions of the colour b4 and it didnt make much difference to my hair at all. It stripped the colour from my roots which is the fresh hair and didnt strip the bottom of my hair which has the most deposit of colour on it. The next day i had to buy a further one to strip it again, which it says you can do this just dont use no more than three. It still made no difference so i was kind of gutted i spend over £20 on both of them and got no result. I think this product is definatley designed for blondes who have dyed their hair a colour and are wanting to go back blonde. DO NOT PURCHASE if you have dark hair. I am very dissapointed in this as i could have actually spent the money at a hairdressers. Luckily for me my friend is a hairdresser and she is going to do my hair tomorow using bleach to lighten it then dying it the colour i want I didnt really want to have to used bleach and ruin the texture of my hair but i desperatly need a change, so needs must!

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