Color Your Lashes!

Colored Mascara Ideas for Summer

What makes fashion more fun are the colors you incorporate in any wardrobe. When it comes to the makeup kit, there’s no excuse that the hidden artist in you won’t come out. Mascara is one of cosmetology’s greatest gift to women and colored mascara has become a sassy trend, so why not make lashes the main base on your face for a change?


Why wear colored mascara? It’s posh, trendy, and can brighten up your look. A little drama may be in store, but it’s not the type to drown you in tears. Sexy lashes have always been in style and it’s something you shouldn’t miss while it’s still the it thing for the season.

Gold is so festive and classy with all the glitter. The runway’s full of it. Designers, models and critiques love it. Wouldn’t you want to bat sparkly eyelashes on some occasions?



Blue isn’t so sad after all. It paints a new kind of drama that takes eyelash art to a higher level. It’s well-adored by fashionistas and non fashionistas alike so you might just as well try it.




Fiery and furious red seem to be setting lashes on fire. However they all look good especially with matching eyeliner, spunky attitude, and a diamond smile.



Loving purple? I has moved from faddish handbags to funky mascara. Let eyes get a lil bit of this royal shade and you won’t have to fuss too much over rouge and lipstick anymore.


Who doesn’t love rainbows From the skies to your lashes, the colorful curve has definitely come a long way. You don’t even have to stress over sprinkling anything since with just one dab, your lashes will be flashing bright colors at every bat.



Pink is forever feminine and sweet. Painting your lashes in this pretty tint won’t hurt as there’s never too much pink in any outfit. If you still don’t have it in your cosmetics kit, go get yourself one now before it’s too late.



Dare to wear yellow? You might as well glide it on your lashes for a hint of sunshine even for nightwear.



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