Color Combinations to Try for Summer

Summer fashion is all about fun, bright, loud and vibrant colors so if you’re ready to revamp your wardrobe for summer, why not start by stashing away anything in dull and boring hues and keeping everything in colors that pop. You may want to keep a few items in basic neutral solid colors, that’s fine. Those will come in handy when you need to tone down an outfit that’s bursting with colors like a rainbow. You can also use those on days in summer when you get sick of too much color and just want a break from it all. Going shopping for your summer wardrobe? Check out these cool color combinations to try for summer and make sure you get your summer outfits in a few of them.

  • White and navy with hints of red – okay, so we’re starting off with colors that aren’t that loud and bright but the combination of white and navy with hints of red (especially when worn on stripes) is essential if you want to pull off a nautical look this summer. Nautical themed outfits are going to be big this summer so if you want to get on with the latest and the hottest, make sure you have a few items in these colors that you can wear together for a complete look.

casual nautical outfit

cool nautical outfit

  • Pink and yellow – this color combination just shouts ‘girly summer’ to me. It’s a color combo that reminds me so much of a tropical paradise picture. It’s very unconventional but you can count on it to be a showstopper anytime. Choose bright shades of pink (like fuchsia) and yellow (like canary) to get the best out of the combo. Going for light and dull shades won’t have the same fun effect.

pink top yellow skirt hot pink dress and yellow necklace

  • Blue and orange – if you’re looking for a color combination to wear this summer that will give you the perfectly balanced look of being chic, cool and a bit boy-ish, this is the one that you’re looking for. Blue and orange look so well when they’re worn together because they create such wonderful contrast when the two hues are places against each other. The best shades of blue and orange that work together are electric blue and bright Sunkist orange or tangerine.

cute summer outfit blue print pants and orange handbag

  • Pink and green outfit – upon seeing this color combination, one thing came to mind: Lily Pulitzer. We love her fun, cute and chic designs all the time and she uses the best, most interesting, most amazing color combinations on them as well and pink and green seems to be one of the most popular combos in her color palette. These colors are perfect if you’re going for a sweet and girly candy-ish kind of look.

pastel pink and green pink and green perfection

  • Orange and yellow – here’s a color combination that you’ll surely love for summer: orange and yellow! This color combo is very tropical with a ‘citrus-y’ vibe. It’s perfect if you want something that’s super refreshing and fresh for summer. You can add another color to the mix (usually red or coral works best) and do some color blocking on your outfit.

orange and yellow print dress yellow and orange with jeans


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