Collection Overview – Primers Review

Thankfully my primer collection isn’t as ridiculous as my foundation/ tinted moisturiser collection however I have still decided to adopt the one in, one out policy.Here is my review of Collection Overview – Primers !

The Witch primer on the right is brand new and unopened and won’t be opened until one of the other primers has died

Collection Overview – Primers

I have combination skin. It’s mostly normal with some dry bits in the winter and a massively oily nose. This means I need primer to make my skin smooth and aid foundation application on most of my face but on my nose I just need something to try and combat the oil and keep my foundation on for more than 5 minutes. This means I usually use two different primers, the H20+ Sea Clear on my nose and either the GOSH Velvet Touch or L’Oreal Studio secrets (in the pot) on the rest of my face. The Benefit Porefessional is the only one that works well all over although when the rest of my skin is drier it doesn’t sit too well on it.


You will note that what I have here is essentially a crap tonne of silicone. Silicone doesn’t bother my skin but I know it does bother some peoples. What primers do you love? X