Classic Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Have

Accessorizing has got to be one of the most fun part of getting dressed up in the morning and, no matter how much accessories you have to choose from, there’s nothing like accessorizing with good jewelry. Jewelry can be pretty expensive but they also make great investment pieces. You don’t need a lot of these to look chic and elegant or to achieve a classy look, especially when you have the basic pieces. Speaking of basic pieces, here are the classic pieces of jewelry every woman should have. Check them out and see if you’re missing anything from your collection.

  • DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS – sometimes, a simple pair of diamond stud earrings is all you need to complete a look. Diamond stud earrings can give you a very subtle but also very classy vibe that you won’t get with fancy, trendy earrings like chandelier / drop earrings and hoops.diamond stud earrings on eva longoria
    diamond stud earrings simple style
  • PEARL EARRINGS – if diamonds are a little to ritzy for you and you still want that elegant look and feel but don’t want to settle with faux gems, a pair of pearl earrings may just be what you need. Pearl earrings have a slightly more laidback vibe to them but they’re just as gorgeous and classy.pearl earrings on angelina jolie pearl studs olivia palermo
  • HOOP EARRINGS – now, if you’re looking for something that will lend your look a casual vibe or something to go with everyday looks, a pair of hoop earrings is what you need. Get a moderately sized hoop that will not interfere with your daily activities or won’t keep you from being comfy.hoops gold on angie hoop earrings with details on jlo
  • DRESS WATCH – a dress watch, preferably a chronographic one, is an investment piece of jewelry that’s not only functional but stylish as well. A dress watch that’s fancy enough to go with more glam looks but also laidback enough to be paired with everyday looks is always worth layered with bracelet watch in gold
  • DAINTY CHAINS – whether it’s a bracelet or a necklace, dainty chains are always the more preferred choice of those who are looking for classy and timeless pieces to add to their armoire. Dainty chain links are easier to mix and match with, making them incredibly versatile and perfect for everyday use. Add a simple pendant to your dainty chain link necklace or a light but meaningful charm to your bracelet to give it a little bit of personality.simple necklace
  • FAMILY HEIRLOOM JEWELRY – you don’t have to wear it every day but having a family heirloom piece of jewelry to add to your looks for certain special occasions is something that you can never go wrong with. Don’t have any family heirloom piece? Why not start the tradition and get one for yourself that you can pass on to the next generation?

heirloom rings


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