Clarisonic Mia review

Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System review  Three Month OverlookClarisonic Mia review

Three months on and I’m still absolutely loving my Mia. I thought I’d been lucky enough to miss the ‘purging’ phase, but it hit me up big time a few weeks ago! I powered through and the spots have all vanished, but I think it’s just a sign that the Mia is doing what it’s meant to in bringing all your impurities out.
I know it’s obviously going to take a good few months to really reap in the benefits of a facial brush, and you obviously aren’t going to get flawless skin over night! My face is still feeling absolutely smooth, and I have actually found my acne scarring to have faded a fair bit, which I can only assume is the work of this beauty.
For the past few weeks I’ve was using a foaming cleanser, which I really liked using. However I’ve also read in a few places that foaming cleansers aren’t particularly good as the foaming ingredients actually cause your skin to massively dry out! I don’t like using this with a gel cleanser, which I’ve got at the minute, as I don’t find it gives the brush anything to work with and can leave my face feeling quite raw.
When the weather went through that odd cold spell my skin really suffered, it was dry and painful and I cut down to only using the Mia once a day. When wearing make-up I do double cleanse, once to remove my make-up and another with the brush. You’re told to replace the brush head every three or so months, but mine is still looking in rather good shape and I was it every two weeks or so with the ELF brush shampoo to get rid of any bacteria and dirt.
So, to round things up: still loving my Clarisonic Mia  and can’t wait to see how it’s improved my skin in six months time!

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