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Clamp Style EyeLash Curler Review

Hi Eyebrow Huns, Check out my new Clamp Style EyeLash Curler Review.

Which Lash Curler?
Curling your lashes opens up your eyes and makes your lashes look thicker and longer. To some, lash curlers look like instruments of torture, but to a make-up artist, they’re an essential beauty tool – their favourite set of lash curlers is one of the first things out of the box when they’re preparing models for photoshoots. That’s because they can give even the straightest set of lashes a fantastic curl, making them look lusher and thicker – even without mascara – and giving the eyes and open youthful look.

Clamp Style EyeLash Curler Review

Clamp Style EyeLash Curler Usage

Clamp Style EyeLash Curler


Shopping For Curlers.
You’ll find the most basic clamp style of eyelash curler – as well as lash curling mascaras – on the beauty shelves of large high street pharmacies and department stores. Pricier heated lash curlers are also sold in some department stores and in specialist beauty shops – or try Internet suppliers.

Lash Curlers.
What is does;
Scissor-style tool clamps lashes between curved metal bar and latex pad.
Pros & Cons;
+ Gives great lift and curl for small initial outlay.
– Can’t be used after mascara, can end lashes if not used with care.
Best for Daily use before putting on make-up.

Mini Curlers
What it does;
Spring-operated plastic tool squeezes lashes between plastic bar and latex pad.
Pros & Cons;
+ Very compact, works over dry mascara.
– Awkward to use a flat shape, doesn’t sit smoothly over eyelid.
Best for Boosting curl for a natural look when you’re on the go.

Heated Curlers
What it does;
Lashes are squeezed into a curl between the curved plastic bar and heated latex pad.
Pros & Cons;
+ East to use, Gentle heat action gives longer lasting curl.
– Takes several minutes to warm up; batteries are pricey.
Best for Special occasions when you have plenty of time to get ready.

Heated Comb
What it does;
A plastic comb lifts and curls, while heated elements ‘set’ the lashes.
Pros & Cons;
+ Lifts and curls instantly, can be used after mascara.
– Can feel uncomfortably hot when places close to eye.
Best for Lifting sparse or very straight lashes after applying mascara.

Curling Mascara
What it does;
The formula contains polymers that stretch and curl the lashes.
Pros & Cons;
+ Combines curl with added length and volume.
– Lashes can clump together, less effective on very straight lashes than a standard curler.
Best for When you want to add glamour and thickness to sparse lashes with a little natural curl.

Lash Perm
What it does;
A beauty therapist uses perm solution and tiny rollers to curl the lashes.
Pros & Cons;
+ Lasts eight weeks and survives showers and swims.
– Can make lashes too curly; must be carried out by a qualified practitioner
Best for Maintenance-free lashes with round-the-clock curls for a special holiday.

Lash Curling.
Find out how to open up and flatter your eyes with the curliest-looking lashes you’ve ever had – and still look completely natural.

Even if your lashes are poker-straight, using a lash curler can open up your eyes and make your lashes look curly, whether or not you’re wearing mascara. Lash curlers can look a bit scary, but they’re easy to handle when you know what to do. You will find out in this post how to give your lashes cover girl curls; the secret is to squeeze them several times with your curler – just one squeeze can leave them looking bent and unnatural.

Lasting Curls.
An eyelash perm guarantees glamorous lashes for eight weeks – they’ll stay curled even in the testing conditions of a beach holiday. It’s a job for qualified professionals only; in an hour-long process, a trained beauty therapist glues your upper lashes, one by one to a tiny spongey roller, applies a perm solution and lets it act for 10 minutes. She then applies a neutraliser and peels newly curled lashes off the roller.

Rollers come in three sizes – the smaller the roller, the tighter the curl.
Before booking yourself for an eyelash perm, arrange for a patch test in case you’re allergic to any of the products used. Ask for one-use only products – once opened, perm solution goes stale, with disappointing results.

For natural, smudge-free beauty, all you need is a set of beautiful curled lashes and a coat of clear mascara,

Lash Curling Step By Step.
You can apply eye liner and shadow before using your lash curler, but make sure your lashes are completely clean – mascara can glue them to the curler pads, with painful results.

Step 1: Start as close to the base of the lashes as you can. Lifting up your eyebrow, rest the curved metal bar on your eyelid and squeeze the curler pads together several times.

Step 2: Move halfway up your lashes and squeeze the curler again. Then move it near to the tips and repeat – several short crimps rather than one long squeeze give a more natural curl.

Step 3: For a natural look and to set the curl, brush on a coat of clear waterproof mascara or comb through with clear eyebrow gel. Or for a really lush look, use your usual mascara.

Do’s And Don’ts
Do use curlers before applying your mascara to prevent sticking.
Don’t pull on the curler – you could pull out your eyelashes.
Do pull up your eyelid with your finger to make curling easier.
Don’t use just one long squeeze – your lashes will look bent.
Do change the latex pads regularly for effective curling.
Don’t give up – wet your lashes, pat them try and try again.