Chilly Weather Fashion Styles for Spring 

In some cities, spring can be the unwelcome extension of the frigid winter. While the temperatures might dampen your fashion senses, you don’t necessarily have to limit your styles. Look super – even if it’s icy outside – with these chilly weather fashion tips.

Top your Maxi Dress

The maxi dress, although ideally for resort wear, is one of the key pieces for chilly weather fashion. Despite its colorful, breezy structure, it can actually keep you warm during the cold spring days. All you just need to do is top it off with a slouchy weather. The contrast between the two items will make you look good (and feel warm too!)

sweater and maxi dress

gray sweater and maxi dress

Say Yes to Skirts

Even if it’s cold outside, it does not mean that you cannot wear skirts outside. In fact, you can go beyond the spectrum of chilly weather fashion by pairing your skirt with some good ‘ol tights. This way, you can wear your favorite skirt without freezing your legs off – or worrying about your unshaven gams. As for the top, layer your favorite pieces for a chic yet warming outfit.

black skirt and tights black skirt with tights

…and Shorts too!

Another tiny outfit to add to your chilly weather fashion arsenal is your cute shorts. Although it is perfect for summer, it can work on your spring outfits as well. Again, the key to keeping your legs warm is to wear tights or long socks underneath.

denim shorts with tights distressed shorts with tights

Go towards the Bright Side

For chilly weather fashion, your first impulse might be to wear something dark or neutral. While these palettes are perfectly fine, too much of these ‘safe’ colors can be boring. So if you want to bloom like then flowers around you, then add a dash of color into your outfit. This is best done with a brightly-colored topper, instead of the usual black or navy.

green blazer pink blazer

Be Colorful

Apart from using a bright topper, another way to add color to your chilly weather fashion is to wear attention-grabbing accessories. It can be a statement necklace in a bold color or a cute clutch in a fancy design. Whatever your colorful addition might be, it can add a hint of color without compromising your warmth.

colorful necklace fuchsia clutch

Go White over White

It has always been said that you should not wear white after Labor Day. But when it comes to chilly weather fashion, there should be no exceptions. Case in point: you can add vibrancy to your style by choosing a white-on-white ensemble. This pairing is a fresh way to stay stylishly warm during the chilly spring season.

white outfitwhite spring outfit

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