Chic Ways to do the Utilitarian Look

The utilitarian look may not be the most feminine, the most frilly nor the most girly but it sure can contend to be the one in the most chic category. This look, despite having menswear influences, is ultra modern and stylish. The utilitarian look is popular among New York locals where fashion always meets functionality and if that’s the kind of style you want, then the look is definitely for you. Here are some tips and ideas on how to the utilitarian look.leather tan dress with buckle belt

street style utilitarian outfit utilitarian jumpsuit with pockets

  1. Stock up on the basics – whenever you’re trying out a new style or a new look, it’s important that you make sure you’re stocked up with the basics like shirts, jeans, heels, etc. These key pieces are going to be the base of your look so it’s important that you have them on hand all the time.cargo pants with boots
  2. Go with utilitarian colors – the utilitarian chic look isn’t very colorful. It’s a look that thrives on neutral colors with the addition of some really sleek and sophisticated hues like navy blue and olive green. If you’re planning on doing the look, these are the colors you’ll want to build your theme on.ultra chic utilitarian  outfit
  3. Avoid over complicated silhouettes – utilitarian chic outfits are very simple and straightforward so try to avoid as much frill and froufrou as you can when doing the look. Extravagant details that might give the outfit an over complicated silhouette is a huge no-no; a clean and simple cut is the way to go.jumpsuit outfit utilitarian chic
  4. Look for details with a purpose – pockets and hoods are just some of the most common examples of details with a purpose. These details do not only give a piece of clothing item a more detailed look but it also serves a purpose as well like holding loose change and small bits and bobs or protecting you from light drizzles. Remember that the utilitarian look is all about functionality and fashion coming together so details with a purpose are a must.chic utilitarian  look
  5. Choose comfortable pieces – heels are fine as long as they don’t leave you limping mid-day. Again, the utilitarian chic look is all about functionality so wearing pieces that work for you all day long is what you should be doing.casual utilitarian chic look
  6. Don’t forget about the utilitarian details – one of the things that will complete your utilitarian chic look is the utilitarian details like chains and buckles so make sure to incorporate these the best way you can into every look.chic utilitarian  look
  7. Think like a New Yorker – the utilitarian fashion is very popular among New Yorkers so if you’re planning on doing this style, look up New York street style looks. These will give you tons of inspiration for creating your own utilitarian chic outfits.comfy utilitarian  chic outfit


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