Chic Spring Styling Tips 

Although summer is fast approaching, one cannot deny the chilly winds that come with spring. And while you have all the right to wear sheer spring trends, you will most probably end up like a chic icicle. Don’t forsake your comfort for fashion! Look well and feel even better with these spring styling tips.

Dress Over Pants

While spring styling tips are all about fun dresses, exposing your gams to mother nature can render you hypothermic. Avoid this unhealthy faux pas by wearing your dress over your pants. The key to perfecting this look is maintaining the perfect balance between your top and your bottom.

floral dress and leather leggings

black dress and leggings ethnic dress with leggings

Double Up

You probably know this scenario all too well: you have that pretty spring jacket you have bought last November. You have the perfect dress to go with it, but as soon as you step out of the house you end up chilling like a villain (and not the good version.) So instead of sashaying in the jacket you have always wanted to wear, you end up wearing that bulky sweater that you have lived in during the winter season.coat and denim jacket blue coat and tied jacket

Before you cry over your unused jacket, remember the chic spring styling tips of doubling it up. It means wearing a thinner piece of outerwear underneath a thicker, warmer one. That way you can wear your favorite springtime pieces – without suffering in the cold.

sweater and printed jacket

Wear your Thick Sweaters

While it’s the time for thin sweaters, spring styling tips for the colder weather call for thick sweaters. Although such toppers are reminiscent of the dreary winter season, you can make it more for spring by wearing it with white or printed pants. Put on a cheery statement necklace for a harmonious marriage between your spring and winter pieces.

turtleneck sweater yellow sweater thick sweater and white pants

S&S (Socks and Sandals)

Yes, the 90’s marked the outdated fashion era of wearing socks and sandals. But with the nippy temperatures of spring, this pairing has come back with a vengeance. So if you are looking for practical spring styling tips, then S&S (Socks and sandals) is one you should try. Think: if you wear sandals by itself, you will end up with frostbite. So warm up your feet – and look uber-chic – with the right socks and sandals pairing.

socks and sandals knee high socks and sandals retro socks and sandals

Wear Thermal Tights

Thermal tights are good additions to your spring wardrobe. That’s because they convey the fun of spring styling tips without leaving your legs in the cold. Choose bright colors and unique patterns (or at least wear solid-colored ones with upbeat prints) for a cheerful, blooming style.

pink outfit and black tigts black outfit floral dress and tights

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