Chic DIY Halloween Props to Complete Your Look

No matter how fabulous your Halloween costume is, it’s just not going to look right without accessories and props. These are what make Halloween costumes more realistic, after all. Sometimes, though you props are hard to find. Either that or they’re overpriced. If you want to win this year’s Halloween’s best dressed / best costume, remember that you don’t have to splurge a ton of money just for props because there’s a more practical and more affordable option and that is to DIY them! Check out these chic DIY Halloween props to complete your look. What you need to make depends on the look you’re aiming for, though, so we thought throw a little bit of everything in here.

  • Mystery mask – wearing a mask over your face with any costume always adds a hint of mysteriousness to your look and though pre-made masks are quite cheap, finding one that will suit your look exactly can be a little challenging. To make your own (basic) mask, all you really need is a blank / unpainted mask and some paint so you can do your own design. If you want a more detailed mask, you can start from scratch with cardboard instead.

halloween masks

how to embellish a mask ice queen mask

  • Wings – if you’re going to this year’s Halloween party as a winged creature, DIYing your own wings can really make your costume look more realistic. Again, there are lots of kinds of wings that you can make, depending on the kind of costume you’re wearing.

diy wings paper wings diy

  • Cuts and bruises – ever wonder how those zombies look so… zombiefied? Well, you don’t really need to buy those stick-on things to get them. You can do them yourself by using makeup. There are so many makeup tutorials on YouTube that you can watch and follow for really scary and realistic cuts and bruises that you can place all over your body, especially your face, to really make your look spooky and scary. Click here for a video tutorial

bruised makeup cuts bruises and burns

  • Head dress – head dresses are essential if you want to complete your look from head to toe and if you want your costume to look complete and unique, you just have to have one. Make a head dress that will tie in with the rest of your looks. If you think your costume is missing something, a head dress may just be what it needs.

horns for halloween horns diy unicorn horn funky mermaid headdress

  • Prosthetics – okay, so this isn’t exactly something anyone can do but to those who know how to work with prosthetics, Halloween costumes and props are a piece of cake. With prosthetics, you can make extra body parts, you can fake burns, cuts, stitches and other gross and scary things, you can make yourself look like a half-peeled human being turning into a zombie and other fun and scary stuff for Halloween.

scary clown missing eye prosthetics

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