Chic Denim Dresses to Get Your Hands on Now

Denim dresses just shout spring and summer to me and if you’re looking for a few that you can add to your closet for the coming season, look no further than this list of chic denim dresses to get your hands on now.

  • DENIM SHIRT DRESS – if you could only spend money on just one denim dress, make it a denim shirt dress. A denim shirt dress is super easy to style and it’s very versatile as well. You can wear it on its own for a quick go-to outfit all spring long, you can dress it down with street style staples or you can also dress it up by adding something lace or leather or maybe even something sparkly and shiny to it.

shirt dress in denim

shirt dress

  • DENIM SUNDRESS – another kind of denim dress that you should definitely get your hands on right now is a denim sundress. Denim sundresses are perfect for spring. Choose one that’s made of softer and lighter denim material so you can comfortably wear it during the day without feeling like you’re wearing full on jeans all over your body all day.

sundress and leopard print purse denim sundress for the day

  • DENIM BABY DOLL DRESS – a cute baby doll dress can lend you that cute and girly vibe that would look nice for any spring day but if you think your usual everyday baby doll dress is a little too ‘cute’, why not opt for a denim baby doll dress? Wearing your baby doll dress in denim can add a chic and more grown up vibe to your look which is great for those who are trying to avoid looks that are too sweet and girly.

baby doll denim dress baby doll dress in denim

  • DENIM OVERALL DRESS – overalls are going to be all the rage yet again for spring this year, especially the denim ones, and if you’re looking for a more girly way to wear them, you can choose to wear overall dresses instead of overall pants or overall shorts. Denim overall dresses have a very subtle 90s look and feel to them which can be a really interesting twist. You can wear these on their own or have a light jumper or shirt underneath for extra coverage and warmth.

overall dress and white shirt overall dress

  • PRINTED DENIM DRESS – think denim dresses are too plain? If you find regular denim to be too plain for your liking, why not go for printed fabric instead? Printed denim can add a more interesting and quirky vibe to your look without going over the top or anything like that.

printed polka dots denim dress printed tower denim dress

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