Chanel Le Vernis in June review

An impulsive buy – Chanel Le Vernis in June

It isn’t often that I make an impulsive purchase nowadays, however, the occasional slip up does occur and funnily enough it seems to always be when I’m in too close a proximity to the pricier cosmetics counters.Chanel-Le-Vernis-in-June-review-500x435

One such slip up happened last week when I experienced a sudden and slightly overwhelming urge to splurge whilst passing Chanel’s new Spring collection.Two things caught my eye, the seriously gorgeous but unnecessary Blush Horizon De Chanel and this polish.

Number 539, June.Chanel Le Vernis in June

I can pinpoint a peach within seconds (talented, hey?) and under the harsh department store lights this did look very peach, almost like a lux version of Barry M’s Peach Melba which btw I love.Link
Frustratingly, those lights can be incredibly misleading. I should have known better and done my research first, because when I got this home it was clear that this was no peach but in fact an orange! A polish imposter!

Chanel Le Vernis in June Swatch on nailsChanel Le Vernis in June nails

I’m not denying that it’s a beautiful shade, it is, in fact it’s stunning but just not one that agrees with my skin tone unfortunately. Flattering peaches on me need a little more pink to them, I’m far to pale to pull of a shade this fruity.

I’m gutted, I had hoped this would be my ‘go to’ spring varnish much like Paradoxal is for me in the winter months. Oh well, but I guess this is what happens when you impulse buy.

For those of you blessed with a great tan or darker skin tone then this would look amazing on your nails, it screams summer. There are also two other shades in this collection, April, a gorgeous garnet and May, a pretty soft pink.

Have you experienced the urge to splurge recently? What did you buy?

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