Celebs Who Prove that Long Gloves ARE Timeless

With trends coming and going so quickly, it’s hard to tell which ones are here to stay and which ones are here to stay and which ones are, yet again, just another fad. But just because you don’t see much of a certain look / trend anymore doesn’t mean they’re out of style. Sometimes, you just don’t see these often because they kind of ‘seasonal’. Case in point: long gloves. Not everyone wears them and you don’t see them all the time but when you do you know it looks great. Here are some celebs who prove that long gloves are timeless.

  • AMAL CLOONEY – let’s start off with the most recent one, shall we? Amal Clooney at this year’s Golden Globes Awards wore a pair of long white gloves to complement her dramatic black Dior dress. This added a lot of interest and contrast to her look which indeed made her outfit stand out.

amal clooney gloves

amal clooney white gloves golden globes amal clooney

  • AUDREY HEPBURN – this style icon not only gave the Little Black Dress a permanent spot in fashion, she also made long gloves look fashionable. With most of her looks, especially as Holly Golightly, you’ll see Hepburn wearing long gloves, something that takes her outfits to the next level and makes them look very elitist and elegant.

audrey hepburn long gloves audrey hepburn outfit audrey hepburn

  • DITA VON TEESE – burlesque star Dita Von Teese is one great style icon to look up to, especially when it comes to chic modern looks with a touch of retro burlesque. Dita still wears long gloves and she wears them real well, proving that these babies are never out of style.

dita von teese and long gloves dita von teese black and gold gloves dita von teese

  • TAYLOR SWIFT – and if you think that long gloves are only for the grownups, you should really see these pictures of Taylor Swift wearing them. She’s worn them on the red carpet when she was way younger and she’s worn them to her concerts as well.

taylor swift winter gloves taylor swift winter outfit with gloves taylor swift young on the red carpet

  • ANGELINA JOLIE – another style icon to prove that long gloves are timeless is Angelina Jolie. Remember that dress with ‘built-in’ gloves that she wore to an awards show once? Yeah, we all loved that look. She also has worn long gloves tons of other times and all those times she did, she looked flawless.

angelina jolie gloves dress angelina jolie leather gloves angelina jolie angeline jolie nude gloves

  • MICHELLE OBAMA – last on the list is US First Lady Michelle Obama. The First Lady is known for her sharp and sophisticated looks and she sure knows her fashion – what’s hot and what’s not. Below you see her wearing long gloves on various occasions, proof that these bad boys look great on anyone, anytime.

michelle obama purple winter wear michelle obama white gloves michelle obama

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