Celebrity-Inspired White Dresses for Spring

Spring fashion is almost always equivalent to dresses. After all, these pretty outfits embody the blooming nature of spring.

With that being said, one of the best colors to wear for spring is pristine white. Here are some celebrity-inspired white dresses for spring that can make you look fresh, wherever you might be.

Marilyn Monroe: White Halter Dress

Of all the white dresses for spring, the most iconic remains to be Marilyn Monroe’s white halter dress. The wind incident – which lifted up her skirt – earmarked a memorable moment, both in fashion and the Americana culture.

marilyn monroe white dress

To get Marilyn’s look, you need not necessarily have your skirt flown away by a gust of wind. It’s as simple as leaving it be (no styling accents whatsoever,) as demonstrated here by Emma Watson.

emma watson white dress

Otherwise, you can get the sexy pinup look by placing a blooming flower on your ear!

white halter dress pinup style

Yoko Ono: White Dress and Knee-High Socks

Yoko Ono has a penchant for white dresses for spring. She is often spotted in this color whenever she trotted the globe with her late husband, John Lennon. While she is known for pairing her dress with white knee-high socks, you can update the look a bit by opting for black knee-highs or some colorful tights.

Gibraltar Lennon Ono white dress with knee high socks white dress with pink tights

Bianca Jagger: Greek Goddess Dress

Greek-inspired white dresses for spring are all the rage nowadays. It was, in fact, a favorite of Bianca Jagger, the former wife of the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger. Because of its air of elegance, a Greek goddess white dress is perfect for formal parties and gala dinners.

bianca jagger white dress kim kardashian grecian dress

However, you can make it more for daytime by choosing a shorter dress and by wearing it with pretty gladiator sandals.

white grecian dress

Jane Birkin: White Lace Dress

White dresses for spring usually convey an air of innocence and purity. But if you want an updated, sexier look, then make Jane Birkin her icon. She definitely turned a lot of heads with her plunging white lace crochet dress.

jane birkin white lace dress

If this is too much for you, you need not necessarily copy Jane’s exact look. You can make a few modifications by choosing more modest white dresses for spring.

boat neck white lace dress

You can even ‘rough up’ the look by wearing gutsy items, such as the rustic boots as worn below.

white lace dress and boots

Sharon Stone: White Turtleneck Dress

One of the most iconic spring dresses for spring is inspired by Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct. After all, the white turtleneck dress is as timeless as it is sophisticated. Best for work wear and other ‘proper’ events, it can also be worn with sneaks for a sportier look.

BASIC INSTINCT (1992) SHARON STONE BSI 132 white turtleneck dresswhite turtleneck dress and sneakers

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