Casual Chic Style Inspiration from Valerie Husemann

If you spend most of your time outdoors, chances are you’ve already mastered the low maintenance look and denim jeans and tee are your go-to outfits. However, you can always add a chic spin to your casual style with a few tweaks. Mind behind the Simple et Chic, Valerie Husemann is a style blogger from Frankfurt Germany known for her casual chic street looks. If you’re looking for a style inspiration to bring your casual style to the next level, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from Valerie.

Make your go-to denim chic.

chambray shirt with culottes and cute shoes

denim overall with sandals denim culotte with leather jacket

Instead of just wearing your denim jeans with your favorite tee or sweatshirt, think of dressing up a bit. Like Valerie, you may wear a button down shirt and a leather jacket with your denim culottes and heels to dress up your street looks. Or, think of mixing casual pieces with chic ones just like wearing a chambray shirt with a pair of classy culottes and denim shoes. Going for chicer denim ensembles like a dress, jumpsuit, or even romper can be great to keep you comfortable while giving you a casual-chic statement.

Add a sporty spin to your chic style with bomber jackets.

bomber jacket with white culottes and striped top military bomber jacket with culottes and black top floral bomber jacket with chic outfit

Bomber jackets are great for adding some cozy and effortless vibe to any outfits. Like Valerie, you may dress down your classic black and white outfit that you usually wear to work with a military bomber jacket to make it perfect for a street style. If you feel bomber jackets look too masculine for you, think of floral print bomber jackets that look chic and feminine while keeping you effortless and laid back.

Keep everything effortless yet chic.

bomber jacket and sneakers with chic outfit sporty shirtdress with denim jacket and sneakers bomber jacket with casual outfit

If you’re not a fan of girly dress made from lace and breezy fabrics, go for stretchy dresses that will give you a womanly feel without looking overly dressy. Like Valerie, wear a striped dress that will look casual chic with a denim jacket and a quirky pair of slip on sneakers. On the other hand, if you’re wearing an already casual outfit like a pair of skinny jeans and a bomber jacket, dress it up with a structured red bag like Valerie did.

Add some feminine flair to your casual style with breezy ensembles.

pastel pink parer bag waist pants with white top breezy chic top with jeans breezy chic maxi dress

If you’re a dress type of girl, you can go for breezy maxi dresses that will look perfect from parties to casual weekend. Or, simply go for a pair of dressy pants like Valerie, wearing a pair of paper bag waist pink trousers with a basic top that can give you a feminine feel. Also, think of frilly and ruffled tops that can dress up your casual jeans to give you a casual chic statement. By heeding these tricks from Valerie, you’ll make your casual street style chic and effortless.

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