Camping Fashion Style Tips

Are you looking for a unique way to enjoy spring break? Then give camping a try. This fun outdoor activity will let you enjoy nature in a whole new life.

While camping can be difficult, it does not necessary mean that you have look dowdy. Look like a princess – without limiting your movement – with these camping fashion style tips.

Hunt in Style

Hunting might be your hobby – or it might be your first time. No matter what the case might be, there is no reason why you should not hunt in camping fashion style. A long, fashionable hunting coat is the best way to achieve superstar status – even while you are in deep in the woods.

navy hunting coat

brown hunting coat

Be Hot – Literally

If you are planning a trip to the mountains, then you are sure to face extreme, teeth-chattering temperatures. And should you find yourself wrapping up in warm clothes, don’t forget to top it off with a good duffle coat. This stylish yet warming coat can keep you tepid – even in the cold mountains.

olivia palermo duffle coat blue duffle coat

Bag it Up

If you plan on staying a few hours (or a few days) in the woods, then it is necessary that you bring a tote that has everything in it. While your first option might be a blah bag, know that you should not give up your fashion sense while roughing it up! There are many stylish and functional totes out there, it is just a matter of picking the best one for your camping needs.

camping bag

Don’t Let the Sunshine In

The bright sunrays can be a foe in most places. Keep your eyes protected – without losing your sense of style – with a good pair of sunnies. Get the most out of camping fashion style by choosing one with UVA and UVB protectors.

sunglasses for camping camping shades

Don’t Lose Yourself

If it is your first time to go camping, then a compass should be part of your camping fashion style. Although there are handy compasses out there, why not give yourself a fashion flair with a useful compass necklace? With this you will look chic. Most importantly, you will not get lost!

compass necklace

Don’t Get Your Feet Wet

An essential aspect of camping fashion style is a good pair of shoes. Whatever the landscape might be, you will never go wrong in a pair of knee-high boots. You don’t necessarily have to settle with dull-looking ones, as many knee-high boots come in a variety of interesting shades and fascinating patterns!

green rain boots black rainboots

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