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Hi pretties! here is my  BUTTER LONDON NAIL SKIN STICKERS review!

I tried, I really tried, but nail wraps/stickers/skins/whatever are not for me; or more specifically, not designed for my nail shape. I don’t usually follow the latest nail ‘trends’ (I didn’t particularly care for the crackle, matte or magnetic ones) but I decided to purchase a couple of variations to play around with because I really like the concept.

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There are some great patterns available, and I think ones with bolder patterns would be particularly good as accent nails. I liked this one by Butter London because it looked unique. They are easy enough to apply (peel off the sheet, stick onto the nail, cut/buff away the excess, apply a topcoat) but I personally found they did not lay flat on my nail bed – probably because my nails are very curved. I didn’t even bother photographing my nails because they looked so bad. They should last for a couple of days but I always took mine off after one day because pieces of fluff would be caught on the edges. All in all, not for me.

Butter London Nail Skin Stickers costs £8.50 (for 12 stickers) at Harvey Nichols.

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