Burberry Light Glow Nautral Blush review – Blossom Blush No. 5

HI Girls, here is my review  and swatches of Burberry Light Glow Nautral Blush – Blossom Blush No. 5
I have recently come to the realization that blush is my ‘non-lipstick’ beauty crutch (because everyone’s got a lipstick crutch…amIrite?).

Burberry products have been on my radar for close to a year now. Everone has been talking about the Burberry Sheer Eyeshadows and the tempation has been brewing furiously. Now, you better believe those little pans of eyeshadowy goodness are still on my radar, but I was super excited to try the Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush.

Burberry Light Glow Nautral Blush review
Burberry Sheer Blush – Blossom Blush No. 5*

Product Description
I have the colour Blossom Blush No.05*, a peachy pink, and I’ll start off by saying that after using this my “blush standards” (if that’s even a real thing) have been raised up to a whole notha level.

“Light Glow Natural Blush” is a perfect description of the way this looks on the cheeks. If the much-spoken-about eyeshadows are anything like this blush, I can honestly say that the hype is probably for good reason. I love the the sleek, weighty little package, the magnetic closure, and the fact that it smells like…expencive flowers (that’s what I’ve come up with and I’m sticking to it). It also comes with a high quality brush, albiet it’s a little small for blush, I am sure I can find another use for it.Burberry Light Glow Nautral BlushBurberry Light Glow Nautral Blush 5


Texture of the blush :
The powder itself is highly pigmented, however the texture of this blush makes it so easy to work with. The formula is so buttery soft, it applies and blends like a cream. Even when comparing this to other much-talked-about high-end blushes (Nars, Tarte, etc.) the smoothness of this powder is far superior.

Seriously guys, just LOOK at how buttery these swatches look!:Burberry Light Glow Nautral Blush  Blossom Blush swatch

Burberry Blossom blush – Left: Blended Swatch, Right: Heavy Swatch

This finish is natural and glowing. The ‘glow’ particles (I downright refuse to refer to them as ‘shimmer’ particles) are so finely milled that you literally cannot detect them on the skin…this is as close to real-skin finish that I have ever seen in a powder blush.Burberry Light Glow Nautral Blush photo
Burberry Blossom blush – Freshly applied, natural lightBurberry Light Glow Nautral Blush  Blossom Blush photo
Burberry Blossom – Freshly applied, direct sunlight
Lips: YSL Rouge Volupte No.13 Peach Passion

This blush lasts all day on me. I start to notice some minimal fading around 8 hours, and it wears away evenly – no patchy cheeks here!Burberry Blush  review photo
Burberry Blossom after 10 hours, no touchups – Natural Light

Nars Orgasm…eat your heart out.

Have you tried Burberry makeup?
I feel an addiction comming on…feed me your suggestions!

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